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Movie Time 2.0: TT mini reviews

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
Late Night with the Devil was kind of a disappointment. Did a good job of replicating a really bad 70s talkshow, but I was hoping it would have done more with the premise of “Bad 70s Talkshow is interupted by devil shenanigans”. Last 15 minutes or so was what I was hoping form the whole movie.


Threat Rhyme
Saw Furiosa earlier today. While I like Fury Road better, I still had a blast. Hemsworth was entertaining as the wasteland's #1 failson, and Immortan Joe was still Immortan Joe (who must have REALLY hated both his sons to give them those names, those two must have disappointed him from minute one). Only real bland character was Furiosa's mentor whose name I don't even remember.

If I had one nit to pick with the movie, it was when Furiosa inexplicably made her escape from Dementus by cutting her arm off AND sabotaging his vehicle's tires, all without ANYONE in his gang noticing. I have a hard time buying that some dust kicked up by circling vehicles is enough to camouflage her during all of that. But, aside from that, good flick.

Paul le Fou

24/7 lofi hip hop man to study/relax to
Friends highly recommended Polite Society, which was billed as kind of a martial arts movie, but it was that only very tertiarily or as a framing technique; it was really more of a comedy of manners/comedy of errors in Pakistani-English society. It was alright, but the protagonist annoyed me in the way that characters who do ridiculous things in movies usually do.
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(Pakistani-English*, but yes)

I watched that semi-recently as well. It was an enjoyable teen action-drama but I'd put it more in the genre sphere of Scott Pilgrim than a martial arts flick (especially because the martial arts scenes were pretty so-so).


There's always a fear revisiting media from long long ago, that it won't be as good as you remember. Fortunately Go is even better than I remember. A damn near perfect film with hilarious, razor-sharp writing and excellent pacing.
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