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Mountain Goats thread


stuck in baby prison
The 3rd Jordan Lake Session was today, and at the start of it they announced a new studio album, Dark in Here, written and recorded around the same time as Getting Into Knives. Out in late June.


can stop, will stop
Recorded the week after Getting Into Knives, if I'm remembering right? The thing I thought was really cool is that the original plan was to just have Dark in Here available on the first night of the Getting Into Knives tour, dropping a surprise album is pretty much unheard of in indie rock. Thanks, covid.

Also I teared up when John played "Snow Owl", never thought I'd hear that song in a live setting. Looking forward to tomorrow's set.


stuck in baby prison
Didn't play Autoclave, didn't play Oceanographer's Choice, didn't play hardly anything I was hoping for, don't care because they did play Solidarity Forever and it fucking ruled. Also, they teased "Jazz No Children" as such an extended bit that I was hoping they just gave in and committed to it to see what would happen.
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