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Most of Giant Bomb cast leaves?

R.R. Bigman

Coolest Guy
Giant Bomb is the only gaming news and culture site I still follow. Abby and Ben both leaving around the turn of the year for vague reasons was a sign something was not right, but all the original voices of the site other than Jeff going away is something I don’t think can be recovered from. Have they gotten new ownership lately? Were the premium numbers not high enough? This sucks.

Mr. Sensible

Pitch and Putt Duffer
Yeah, CBS sold off CNet and Giant Bomb to RedVentures late last year. I highly doubt the timing was a coincidence.


lofi posts to relax/study to
I'm hearing some things that this is roughly 6 months after the Red Ventures acquisition, which lines up with a pretty standard agreement/bonus for key staff to stay on after a sale.


Infamous third lava dolphin
Man, this is fucking rough. I've been listening to these guys do podcasts since the Hot Spot days back on GameSpot. I hope there will be a place where I can find them in the future, but for now it seems pretty bleak.


Gravity is overrated.
I learned about them through 1up when listening to Retronauts and the like years ago and was just charmed by Ryan and Jeff on Arrow Pointing Down gagging on energy drinks.

Exposition Owl

could use a space fortress
I haven’t really listened to the Bombcast since Ryan passed, but that crew got me through some tough days at some boring jobs. End of an era.
I was surprisingly upset with the news. Watched most of the bombcast of the announcement on YouTube today.

Its a reminder to me to appreciate things I like while they are around. Almost every group goes their separate ways at some point.