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Mortal Kombat 1 (One: MK1)


The Goggles Do Nothing
To answer both your questions:

It is tongue in cheek, but I wrote a complete biography of every MK kharacter up to MK11 for this very forum. They can all be found on my site at this link. It's not a youtube series, but if you like reading, it is fundamental! Or... something. Their post order is in order of appearance in the franchise, so the PS2 era basically starts with Kenshi.

And regarding specifically that character in LBD's question...

Geras is Liu Kang's second as he was Kronika's second in MK11. It is implied that he was somehow "rebuilt" from the previous Geras, who was kind of a jerk (presumably because Kronika was herlself a jerk), so he retains many memories from previous timelines. New(ish) Geras is unwaveringly loyal to Liu Kang and "good" to the point of parody. At one point in the story, he's like "yeah, I left omnipotent god power over there, and, uh, never really thought about using it myself. Guess that would have been cool, but not really my thing."


does the Underpants Dance
I finished the story last night. Okay so. Okay. Uh... what on Earthrealm are the rules for a Keeper of Time? Liu Kang had to restore his powers to stop Titan Shang Tsung. There was a big epic multiverse fight and lots of people died... and then as far as I can tell Liu Kang did not fix anything in his own timeline at all? I would think after discovering the truth of what happened he would want to reset his timeline and do the same things he already did but without the external influence screwing with it this time? But apparently not? Also like... is it just assumed that every other potential Keeper after MK11 also reset their own timelines?
No need to murder everyone on Earth over the course of all time just to reset things so that they’re slightly more agreeable at a particular the moment. That (?) was the problem with Kronika.


does the Underpants Dance
For my search of a video explainer of The Lore, I ended up with this video. Unfortunately it doesn't go through the story in game release chronological order, which is what I would prefer, but rather it goes through it in... story chronological order. Which is fine, ultimately, but still. Also it's fairly dry.

I would like to buy all the season costumes but the invasions towers are really annoying and were making me hate this video game. I will not even try this seasonal tower that apparently ends with an unusually difficult TYM. I was like, okay, what if I did online, versus other people? It was fun! I had the impression it would be too difficult but it tries to match you with people who are probably as bad as you are. I had heard that "Sareena" was an omnipresent and annoying kameo to fight but so far none of the people in my matches, including myself, have any idea how to use kameos. I had a leg up on the other person I was just fighting because I would occasionally send Kung Lao out to pop them in the air, where I was able to do one (1) air kick. I am sure this is a much more rewarding way to play the game; so hopefully I'll just stick to this and towers so I can unlock endings. (although I wish those gave Invasion Bucks...)


I recommend listening to an episode of the Mortal Podkast. Each episode, the host would go through the entire lore for a certain character, usually starting with "In the beginning, there was a One Being. This has made a lot of people angry, and was widely regarded as a bad move".

It mostly follows the chronological order as well, i.e. going through MK1-8, then the reboot trilogy. They were made before MKOne did another reboot, and I haven't checked to see if he's made any new ones.