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More place names that sound like enemies from a console RPG

Exposition Owl

it's the owliday season
In honor of the cross-country road trip that I’m on, I thought I’d resurrect a thread from the previous incarnation of TT. Here’s what I’ve seen so far:


Plus, as a bonus, the one that started it all: Manayunk.
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Summon for hire
Off highways near me:
  • Gill
  • Elberon
  • Brodnax
  • Fuquay-Varina
  • Bunnlevel
  • Watha
  • Cooleemee
  • Misenheimer
Honorable mentions to Grover and Climax


Aliquippa - some sort of iguana or gecko-like creature, clinging to the wall. It uses its sticky tongue to snare prey, including your party.
Shamokin - a humanoid sitting near an extinguished bonfire. The smoke rising from the flames twists and forms the shape of the monster you have to fight
Kammerer - a palette-swap of the implike Hammerers you ran into earlier in the game. These hit harder and cause Confuse when they strike with their oversized mallets.
Netcong - a gorilla retiarus. Tries to cause Stop or Paralyze status with its net before stabbing with the trident.
Ashtabula - the little shadowy creature uses fire spells, then hides behind the giant rune-engraved stone slab it learned the fire spells off of
Ney - a small fairy horse. Constantly uses Sleep status, has ridiculously high Evade, and reflects spells.
Minonk - a tiny martial artist.
Streator - when the roads themselves grow giant rocky fanged maws and try to devour your party it might be time to reconsider their career choices
Broadnax - a sweaty barbarian dual-wielding, as you may have guessed, a broadsword and an axe.
Bunnlevel - if you can defeat this lagomorph before it runs away it's worth a lot of EXP.
Cooleemee - attacks with its magic, but if you hit it with an ice spell, it will instead cast a healing spell on your party and flee the battle.
Batman - contrary to expectations this is a cameo appearance of the player character from OFF

Exposition Owl

it's the owliday season
nosimpleway is the hero this thread needs.

From the rest of my drive:


Rolla: A dung beetle like creature that tries to squash you with an oversized rock. Later on in a hidden area you can meet HighRollas, who almost always critical-hit but drop a lot of money when defeated
Buckthorn: A topiary stag. Attacks in the same hedge maze as the Snapdragon, the Aloegator, the Cactoise, and the Hedgehog.
Nixa: A water spirit that sends you on a quest to bust up a beaver dam that's screwing with the flow of her stream.
Gascozark: A smoke spirit that's broken free from the Shamokin that summoned it
Geary: the clockwork automaton built and operated by Dr. Anadarko
Hext: Several are hostile and will attack while you try to undo the curse and turn them back into the local villagers. Subduing them without killing them nets you a bonus reward at the end of the quest.
Wildorado: These savage fish attack in the obligatory "change the water levels to proceed" sewer dungeon.
Tucumcari: A monster like a tropical bird, shrieks and dives at the party. You thought one Cumcari was bad enough, but these attack in pairs.

Exposition Owl

it's the owliday season
I just remembered that we had a discussion elsewhere on TT about the racial othering that the name “JRPG” can imply, so I changed the title of the thread. I’m sorry it slipped my mind earlier.


Flin-Flon is that dreaded combination of the physically-unassailable slime monster and WallChange boss
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Exposition Owl

it's the owliday season


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