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I thought it was about time we made TT3 thread for model kits, so here we go! We can talk about model making of any kind. Plastic, metal builds, DIY, off of runners, from scratch, garage kits, cars, robots, characters, whatever! Let's talk about all of it. I focus on mostly Gunpla, but I think models of every variety are super neato.

Also, there are no stupid questions! Everyone who has ever made a model kit has started from square one at one point in their lives. Feel free to ask all kinds of questions, and those of us who have experience will do our best to guide. If people write up good posts and tips, I'll do my best to update the OP with links to them for easy access.
Double-post b/c wanted to keep the OP clean-ish. Some breaking news that might be of interest to a few of you guys:

Square-Enix (of all people) is releasing their own line of plamo kits. "Structure Arts 1/144 Scale Plastic Model Kit Series Vol.1"

YES, that is in fact, the world's first official Xenogears plastic model kits. Vol. 1 comes with all four kits. List price is 8,712 JPY and it comes out in March. Each one is about the size and complexity of a basic HG from Bandai (~5.5 inches; and is made of 3-4 runners each). I'm not certain as it's not real clear from any of the promotional material, but I suspect they'll be monochrome and you'll have to paint them yourself, so not as friendly for beginners like most Bandai stuff is these days. And the engineering of the kits looks like something Bandai made 20 years ago with how glaring some of the seamlines are. But hey, XENOGEARS KITS, GUYS!!!!!1

I already see pre-order listings on all the usual import sites (Ami-Ami, 1999, HLJ, etc). I'm very torn personally, as this is like a dream come true, but also if I bought these I'd feel compelled to invest in a proper air brush. But oh man do the mock ups look good:

What could Vol 2 even include when these heavy hitters are Vol 1? 😱


I have never done modelling, and I'm monetarily too constraint right now, but it's something I would be definitely interested in.

While playing Xenogears, I probably liked the Vierge the most, due to it's slim design. I would love to have that one.

The others I would like are Billys Gear (cape!) and Emeraldas (slim, wings, no arms, really cool design all around).


Summon for hire
Despite my backlog and the fact that I haven't sat down to build in like a couple years now, I'd be seriously tempted by those Xeno kits if they were molded in color. As is I don't have the skill or patience to make them look good (or at least, it's enough of a barrier to kill my impulse purchase desire).


Little Waves
Staff member
I very well might have to purchase and build a plastic model if they make OR Weltall.


aggro table, shmaggro table
Looks like they're using an inner skeleton to mount the external bits on for at least some of it, so it shouldn't be too bad to assemble. The real challenge would be painting it, yeah.