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MCBanjoMike's Video Emporium: Acoustic covers and speedruns to delight the senses!


Sudden chomper
Hey folks! Over the last couple of years, I've had the opportunity to put together a few acoustic covers of various videogame songs, drawing on the skills I learned in my former life as a traditional musician. To date, the tracks have been chosen by people who donated to the (more or less) yearly Extra Life streams that we've done with the On the Stick crew (composed of members of this forum, and its previous incarnation). These videos take forever to put together, so I've only done a handful to date, but my latest is premiering RIGHT NOW, THIS VERY DAY!

While I'm obviously pretty excited about that, I'd also be happy to draw your attention to the 2019 campaign's video (which came out in early 2020):

Not to mention the 2016 edition, with cover art by our very own Lokii!

The more astute among you will notice that I only make one of these about every three years. That's because they take a ton of work! But I'm hoping to increase my output a little bit and maybe put something out every 4-6 months in the future. Hopefully, with a bit more practice, I'll be able to streamline things a bit and wrap them up a little quicker. For now, though, I think it's time for a little break!


can stop, will stop
Special thanks to me? But that's me!

Seriously though, these are super great. The playing is fantastic and the videos are incredibly charming. Thanks for making a thread and I'm excited for more in the future!