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May you ever walk in the Light of the Crystal! Let's Play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


The Goofiest Hrothgar

She calls out for him, but gets no response. Reluctantly, she leaves with Satznswys.

Utilizing the transport device they found, they appear on the surface, way from beneath the island of Vylbrand, all the way near to Castrum Meridianum.

She brushes the apparent incongruity off. More present in her mind is that Louisoix is alive! And yet, he didn't seem to respond to her calling to him.

...One thing you'll get to know about Alisaie is that she often gives voice to the player's thoughts. She's very canny.

Urianger finds this all hard to swallow, but trusts both Alisaie and Satznswys's account.

Urianger's got something to report on the aetheric disturbance that corresponded with the roar they heard at Lake Silvertear: it originated at Carteneau Flats. Alisaie concludes that it could only have been Bahamut. Seems that over the past five years, instead of being destroyed, as all had thought, he merely remained dormant beneath Carteneau, regenerating. That would account for the lack of that region's ability to heal, if the primal were absorbing that area's aether to regenerate Himself. And the stronger He gets, the more aether he needs. Just like Ifrit or Garuda, only an order of magnitude greater.

Alisaie believes that Louisoix is keeping an eye on the situation down there, ensuring that Bahamut does not free Himself. Urianger still finds this all a bit hard to believe, but the word of two is much stronger than the word of just one.

So she's going to search for these other fragments of Dalamud. Urianger suggests alerting the grand companies, but Alisaie says not to worry, because Alphinaud, canny boy that he is, has likely already informed them. Leave that diplomatic rat's nest to the diplomat, and give Alisaie the space to work the field, which plays much more nicely to her strengths. Together, she says, they'll uncover the whole truth of the Calamity.



The Goofiest Hrothgar

Alright! So, I haven't gotten into this yet, but A Realm Reborn has a LOT of dungeons. and I mean, a LOT. On my main character, Reynn, you can see a lot of these level 50 dungeons, but that isn't even all of them! So I'm going to break things up by showing a dungeon with each update, and this time around, I'm gonna show you Wanderer's Palace, the other post-2.0 dungeon.

Outside the Waking Sands, Allene's got some work. Seems she got in over her head at the Wanderer's Palace, but managed to make it back in one piece. Once upon a time, Bronze Lake was a lot more full than it is now, but a combination of mining by the kobolds in O'Ghomoro and a little thing called the Seventh Umbral Calamity drained a good portion of Bronze Lake's water. This draining of the lake revealed an ancient temple to Oschon. Allene weaves tales of gold-framed mirrors, untouched by water or the passage of time. She says if Satnzswys is barmy enough to try and make it through, she should speak with an old friend of hers, Abazi Charazi near the camp.

You can see the palace from here.

Abazi says that she isn't all there, likely from grief. Her lover met with an ill fate within the Palace: at the end of a tonberry's knife.

Tragic, but maybe Satznswys can help put her mind at ease, and the memory of these poor lost souls to rest.

Unlocking a second level 50 dungeon unlocks the Level 50/60/70 Duty Roulette. Like Leveling, it selects a dungeon from Level 50, 60, or 70, that you have unlocked. When unlocking a dungeon in current content, it is added to a duty roulette called Expert Roulette, which contains the 3 or 4 most current dungeons in an expansion. As the dungeons become less and less current, they are rolled into a roulette for the current level cap. For example, now, in Shadowbringers, the level 80 dungeons that were released in 5.0 have been rolled down into a level 80 roulette. Then, when the new expansion is released, those level 80 dungeons will be combined with the dungeons in 50/60/70 roulette, to make a 50/60/70/80 roulette. I really hope they come up with a better name for it. I hope that explained it well enough.

Anyway, completing dungeons at level 50 will earn you tomestones of poetics, and on top of that reward, there is a daily reward of 100 poetics for participating in 50/60/70 roulette. Enough of that explanation, though! Let's get to the dungeon itself.


Why is it that the Wanderer's Palace is so full of these tonberries? It is, indeed, a mystery...one that scholars may one day uncover.

That's gonna do it for today, and next time, Satznswys reunites with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn and sees how things have been developing in the Waking Sands since her victory at Castrum Meridianum.


aggro table, shmaggro table
A Slightly More Detailed Explanation of Turns 1-5 Bosses:

Turn 1: Caduceus
Fight opens with one main boss; at fixed time points slime adds will spawn. The hexagonal spaces under the slimes will activate, and buff any monsters standing on them (slimes will also require periodic stuns/silences). At roughly 60% on the main boss it will split into a second copy sharing the snapshotted HP, and will need to be separated from the main boss to prevent a stacking damage up buff.

Turn 2: ADS
Expanded version of the Turn 1 door boss; 8 subnodes ring the main ADS node at the center, with each subnode having its own unique ability that is shared with the main ADS node. Each subnode destroyed seals that signature ability on the main node while also granting a related permanent buff to the main node. The main node will use High Voltage and Allagan Rot in addition to the unsealed subnode mechanics; HV is repeated from Turn 1 while Allagan Rot is a two-PC death debuff that needs to be rotated between party members in order to prevent the Rot debuff from timing out and wiping the party. The intended strategy is to pick a selection of subnodes suiting your party composition and destroy them while keeping in mind the roughly 10 minute soft enrage (repeated HV casts), then fight ADS juggling unsealed mechanics and Rot. Wheras the NA strat picked a few nodes, then sat outside the center room until just before the enrage, and then heal through the soft enrage until the healers spent all their MP or the ADS died.

Turn 3: Your Party
No actual boss, it's just a race to the bottom of the cylinder, but none of the monsters tether and will chase you outside of geometry/pathing. Back in the day statics would make a race of it to see who could make it to the bottom the fastest while chainpulling everything they ran into.

Turn 4: Timing
No actual boss, just waves of mechanically interactive monsters of varying types:
Bugs; mini-adds that will tether and feed to Dreadnaughts which will both heal and perma-buff them
Knights/Rooks; Same mob, one has a phys resist barrier (temp hp) the other has mag resist, and come in alternating pairs
Bishops: Small, low hp, but casts a debuff called Pox on their target which will give a longish max HP hit soon after spawn
Dreadnaughts: Big, tanky, mobs that are carefully managed to allow the party to clear the chaff before focusing them down.
All four types will spawn in varying amounts in successive waves, and need to be handled in terms of priority and positioning.

Turn 5: Twintania
The capstone boss for the First Coil; she will summon mini dragons and drop targeted aoes+puddles immediately after pulling, then shift into fireball phase. These fireballs will damage and apply a fire resist debuff on hit, and Twin will occasionally jail a targeted player+area ala Titan HM, and once brought down below a certain percentage she will break her rotating collar which will drop to the field and fly off. That signifies the transition to divebomb phase, where she will be untargetable and occasionally hit a player+aoe for damage and knockback, and halfway through this phase two more sets of adds will spawn that need to be taken down. The second set will roughly coincide with the next phase, which requires the party to stack in the neurolink field (collar area) for an extreme raidwide that Twin greets the party with on her return to the field. This last phase includes the occasional add, which will stun a random player and slowly approach them (touch equalling instadeath), the targeted aoe+puddle fireballs from the first phase, and Twisters. Twisters generate an insta-kill aoe centered around each player that are dodged by moving during the cast (and unexploded ones look like a gust of wind on the floor).


The Goofiest Hrothgar
I'm still taking votes for what job Satznswys is going to be when we go into Heavensward, so by all means, please let me know what you want to see!

Summoner, Dark Knight, and Ninja are all neck and neck, with 3.5 votes, 3 votes, and 2.5 votes respectively!


The Goofiest Hrothgar
Listen, guys. I am feeling a little overwhelmed with how much content there is for me to cover. I really don't have a whole hell of a lot to say about the remaining 4-player dungeons, and I am really eager to cover the story of the expansions. For now, I kinda have to get over this hump and decide how best to handle it.


The Goofiest Hrothgar
Welcome back! Sorry about the month and a half hiatus, but for obvious reasons lately, I have had very little energy or motivation to work on this! I'm truly sorry abou this, but enough excuses and apologies!

Previously, Satznswys joined forces with Alphinaud's sister, Alisaie, and the two of them explored the depths of a crater formed by a fallen piece of Dalamud, where they fought a dragon, enslaved by ancient Allagan technology, and discovered what appeared to be her grandfather, Archon Louisoix, deep within the crater! And also, Bahamut's kind of alive again. That's not good. But nothing more can be done until Alisaie finds another fallen shard of Dalamud, so Satznswys decides to head back to the Waking Sands and check in with Minfilia, since it's been a while since she's done that.

She seems distracted when Satznswys walks in.

Tataru comes in, saying that another vistor has just departed. Apparently a very unpleasant man, if Tataru's expression is to be believed.

Hard to believe it's been so short a time since that went down, eh? Minfilia reflects that in that time, the Scions worked in secret, counted too few allies and too many enemies. Now they are overwhelmed with benefactors. While a nice problem to have, the situation weighs heavily on her mind.

The strings attached, of course. The last guest Tataru was mentioning wished to exchange supplies for resolving a business dispute, and she says "resolve" with a sense of distaste.

Minfilia comes back to the Scion's mission: to serve Eorzea as a land, not the interests of individual Eorzeans. She is of two minds on the situation. On the other hand, if they do accept patronage from the likes of the Syndicate, it would give them the resources to do a lot of good.

She stops herself, not wanting to burden Satznswys with the particulars of finance and supply chain management. She asks to pull the other Scions aside and take their pulses on how they feel about the situation.

Talking it over with the other Scions, Thancred is of the mind that one possible outcome would be for Ala Mhigo to be liberated, if the Scions committed to it. If only...

Y'shtola calls back to the discussion they had with Admiral Merlwyb at the outset of the Titan expedition, and thinks that the Scions' neutrality is an asset. She is worried that continued direct involvement of the city states would erode that neutrality, perhaps even see it lost completely.

Yda's been receiving some REALLY nice gifts, apparently. To use her words, they're of the "very nearly abandon-your-principles" grade.

Papalymo is against a for-profit organization, because to do that might very well just sign the Scions on as an arm of the Monetarists of Ul'dah.

Urianger says time is of the essence, since while they're doing all this deliberation, the primal threat simmers on the backburner. He does deplore that the Scions are so few in number. Perhaps a recruiting drive...?

Alphinaud has a different idea. He asks Satznswys to accompany him to see Minfilia

He steps in to the solar and makes a bold declaration. Minfilia is taken aback.

The Scions, despite their small number, is a potent force, and well reputed, thanks to their efforts during Operation Archon, and the Monetarists of the Syndicate of Ul'dah will not sit idle, and attempt to gain financial or political sway over the Scions, since they are in Ul'dah-controlled territory. Indeed, part of this political pressure is the reason why, after all this time, Vesper Bay has been blocked from construsting an aetheryte node on the aether network that adventurers employ across Eorzea. So now we have a plot reason as to why "You Must Needs Return To The Waking Sands" became the meme that it is.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Minfilia asks the 1 million gil question: Where do they go? Alphinaud lays out his reasoning:

So in that case, there's only one place in Eorzea that fits that description: Mor Dhona, and the free city of Revenant's Toll.

And doing that would give them the opportunity to grow their ranks.

Alphinaud simply remarks that the decision is Minfilia's, and that she asked for the Scions' input, and that's what he has given.

Minfilia cuts him off abruptly.

That was tense.

Minfilia is still very much occupied with the thought of leaving Ul'dah, and then tells Satznswys to check in with Alphinaud.

He's still fuming at the conversation.

What rumors, kid?

Minfilia's adopted mother was a Mi'qote by the name of F'lhaminn, reputed as the Songstress of Ul'dah. A popular performer all over Eorzea. Her passing was a tragedy, and some didn't even believe her passing, as no body was found.

But apparently, there are rumors that she's been out and about. Alphinaud believes that these rumors are clouding Minfilia's judgment. He wants to see if there's any veracity to these rumors, and put the matter to bed definitively, if only to help ease Minfilia's struggles.

Can do, boss!

Heading to the church of Saint Adama Landama, Father Iliud already knows why Satznswys is here, and gives the scoop: he didn't see F'lhaminn imself, but from a mourner who came here recently.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Satznswys finds him out in the lichyard. He reminisces on the first time he saw F'lhaminn perform, seven years ago. Satsnswys pushes that aside and gets to the heart of the matter: where did he see her? Costa del Sol, apparently, teaching Gegeruju's maidservants.

Satznswys has followed up on shakier leads, and Iliud agrees, that they owe it to Minfilia to pull at this thread.

So, off to Costa del Sol!

At the resort town, Gegeruju seems preoccupied. When Satznswys says that she's chasing this rumor, Gegeruju is stunned.

...uh, gross.

...why don't I believe you? Satznswys makes for Wineport, across the river.

Asking around town, Satznswys hits on the idea of checking in with Shamani, the blind vitner and former member of the Company of Heroes.

He directed her to a spot in Raincatcher Gully to find these flowers.

Oh no!

Hmm... There's something awfully familiar about this...if I had actually played FF14 1.0.

Satznswys asks if she's THE Songstress of Ul'dah. Initially, she denies it.

Alphinaud walks up.

F'lhaminn is shocked to hear the name. Alphinaud wonders why rumors of the Songstress of Ul'dah's untimely death were greatly exaggerated.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

She says that she will reveal herself to Minfilia when the time is right. Alphinaud presses her on when the time will be right.

Heading back to Aleport, F'lhaminn is relieved to have been rescued from the goobbue.

Alphinaud has brought F'lhaminn up to speed, and seemingly convinced her to make the case to Minfilia to move to Mor Dhona. However, there is a catch...

Of course.

She needs salamander oil of the highest purity.

Heading over to Bronze Lake, Satznswys follows her instructions to draw out a particular salamander for her perfume.

Easy peasy. Back to Wineport.

I'm sure this perfume is important, yeah.

And with that, Satznswys Must Needs Return To The Waking Sands.

A wonderful reunion.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Minfilia wipes her tears. F'lhaminn says that the imperials came after her to get at Minfilia, so she wanted to stay as far from Minfilia as possible, to allow her the space to do things like forming the Scions of the Seventh Dawn unmolested by Imperial eyes. She still continued to watch Minfilia from afar, celebrating her successes.

F'lhaminn has a gift.

Minfilia always wore it, giving Lhaminn the easy ability to track her down when they were younger.

Satznswys does the stoic nod.

She hands over a cat's-eye stone, something that she had kept for a long time.

When she was a child, her father brought her to Ul'dah. Not long after that, an accident claimed his life. And so, Lhaminn raised Minfilia as her own.

Minfilia was quite a miner, apparently. She wonders why Lhaminn brought it back to her.

Minfilia is a bit overwhelmed. Lhaminn says she put this all together once, she can do it again. This time, they'll do it together.

A bit Machiavellian on Alphinaud's part, but it is the most practical solution.


The Goofiest Hrothgar


Minfilia says that their first step should be to make sure the Adventurer's Guild in Revenant's Toll is on board.

Whatever they need, Minfilia is willing to provide. After all, the Scions need their support if this effort is going to succeed: building new facilities, networking with the local merchants and suppliers, recruiting adventurers, and so forth.

Alphinaud, did you do something?

Something tells me he had been trying to arrange this behind Minfilia's back, and basically had everything ready to fall into place once she finally agreed.

Seems the story of Satznswys stealing a magitek reaper and infiltrating Castrum Centri is still bandied about at Revenant's Toll's watering hole, the Seventh Heaven.

Minfilia is concerned about F'lhaminn. If she asks what is bothering her directly, she'll put on a straight face.

I mean...Satznswys is a level 50 goldsmith. She might be able to fix them. Ah, well. whatever. To Ul'dah!

The goldsmith recognizes the craftsmanship and who the earrings belong to. He requires no payment for the repair work. He asks her to attend to a matter in Sagolii Desert to free the time in his busy schedule to do this work, picking up some ore from a mining camp out there.

Easy delivery work.

Memedesu has finished his work.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

She seems very preoccupied with Nielle whenever she looks at the earrings.

Back in the solar, while things might not be all well, Minfilia is still grateful.

Alphinaud has convened the Scions.

And so, we have some new digs to prepare for.

Urianger just gives a wry smile.

So, at least the heads of state have the Scions' back. Furthermore, Minfilia has decided that the need for secrecy is mostly over. Sure, the Scions will have their own internal secrets, but rather than operating in the shadows, they should operate openly. Alphinaud wonders if that is wise.

Yeah, seems that way.

Minfilia hopes that this will help to strengthen the trust between the Scions and the common peoples of Eorzea. By opening up their doors and being accountable to no nation, they are, by extension, accountable to all. After all, if the Scions ever went rogue, all three nations could close ranks around them and choke them out of Mor Dhona.

The Scions depart.


Or maybe he's just a master of manipulation. Anyway, Minfilia has two tasks for Satznswys. First: deliver some documents about taking ownership of the Rising Stones to Slafborn in Mor Dhona. Second, work with him to boost the Scions' rapport with the Adventurers' Guild there.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

That's a lot of Quest Plus icons! These all appear here at the Seventh Heaven in Revenant's Toll once you complete the Praetorium, and are largely quests that will unlock future dungeons we'll be covering.

Handing over the documents to Slafborn, he's more than pleased to know that Satznswys and the rest of the Scions will soon be making Revenant's Toll their home.

He thinks that there might be some way to fortify the magical defenses around Revenant's Toll with stuff from the Sunken Temple of Qarn.

Heading over there, Satznswys checks in with Bibimu...wait a minute, what is this?

Ah, heck with it, let's give this a try.

So, this was an artifact of helping to get people through content, by having players be required to run the dungeon in order to progress the main scenario. But, a decently geared level 50 character should have no problem soloing the Sunken Temple of Qarn. I can only imagine that when the MSQ pruning happens in the next major patch (scheduled for August 11 as of this writing), this is probably on the chopping block.

Nevertheless, Satznswys gets the wardstone that Slafborn is looking for, and then sends Satznswys to work with Sark Malark, the rich merchant prince-turned-adventurer.

Despite Gaius and the Ultima Weapon's defeat, Imperials still occupy their castri all over Eorzea, and they're receiving weapons and supplies all the time. Sark wants Satznswys to destroy a shipment he's seen being delivered to Castrum Centri recently.

Breaking stuff is fun!

Later nerds!



The Goofiest Hrothgar

Guolgeim is waiting for a supply carriage from Gridania, but it's late. She asks for Satznswys to ask after them at Fallgourd Float in the North Shroud.

With all the Ixal activity in the region, it's unsurprising.

This fellow says he spotted what might be the coachmen and their cargo being marched north by some Ixal.

The coachmen and their goods safe and sound, he asks Satznswys to report back to Mor Dhona that they're back on the road.

...oof, Square Enix, that pun.

He wants to show them a that Mor Dhona isn't just clearing out Allagan ruins, but that here's some real work that needs doing: killing things!

Stab stab stab!

Next: killing more things!

Stab stab stab!


Oh no!


The Goofiest Hrothgar

...okay I can't stay mad at you, Slafborn. Instead, he really got a message from Alphinaud to head back to the Waking Sands for a report.

Uh oh, does that mean Satznswys has to work to pack things up here?

Basically. Tataru will handle the shipping particulars, so he just wants Satznswys to get them to her.

Satznswys hands them over. Tataru has a request for Satznswys.

Well, this is adorable!

So Tataru wants to help keep up morale with some Coerthan tea.

Well, heck. She says that Emanuel might have some more.

So I've read in recent interviews about the upcoming pruning of the A Realm Reborn story quests, and one thing jumped out at me: Naoki Yoshida said that a general guideline they had for designing quests for the relaunch is that they should take about 9 minutes to complete, each.

I'm not sure if that was relaxed for the patch content, but things for the 2.1 MSQ do get a bit fetchquesty.

Done, Tataru.

...wait, what?


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Tataru, focus.

Just...slow down, Tataru. What's wrong?

She suspects Garuda returning, or possibly imperial incursion into the Twelveswood. Better check in with Minfilia.

Oh, great. Is it Ramuh or Garuda?

Huh? Mogglesguard? What are you talking about Minfilia? Care to fill Satznswys in?

Nope, guess she's gotta get more info from the Adders themselves.

Commander Heuloix at the Adder's Nest says that a moogle named Kuplo Kopp came to request an audience with Kan-E-Senna, bringing tidings of an imminent threat to all moogles, and eventually, all the Twelveswood.

Seems Minfilia sent Papalymo and Yda along as well.

Yeah, buddy, slow down! You're almost as bad as Tataru.

Uh...is that a bad thing?

Raya-O, Kan-E-Senna's sister explains that Good King Mogglemog is possibly a figure in moogle history. Kuplo Kopp breaks in to explain.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

In spite of this prosperity, the gods became discontented and started fighting, making things hard on the moogles. And so, Good King Moggle Mog XII (may his glorious name live forever) decreed that moogles should live in the realm of man.

Yeah, that isn't a good thing.

..well, apparently it did, Yda, and now the Scions have to deal with it.

Fair point, Raya. And so, the Mogglesguard decided to call on this mythical figure in their history, and it manifested as a primal.

Just what Satznswys was thinking, Yda. An effect similar to tempering, no doubt.

Catching up with the E-Sumi-Yan, the head of the Conjurer's guild, it seems whatever hoops that were necessary to do battle with the Good King Mogglemog XII back in 1.x is still necessary, but those hoops have largely been completed already as Kuplo Kopp has the keystones needed already.

Kuplo Kopp's reluctance doesn't take much arm-twisting to get past, and he agrees to meet Satznswys in the East Shroud, near to where the Good King's lair is.

...have I mentioned how absurd this all is?

The Mogglesguard are not terribly happy with Kuplo Kopp turning to the Gridanians.

They all but call him an Uncle Tom.

The sword-and-board moogle, Kupdi Koop says they have more important duties to attend to than yell at a traitor.

Yeah, time is of the essence.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

It's an escort mission!

Arriving at the entrance to the King's realm, the Thornmarch, Kuplo Kopp opens it up so Satznswys can get in.

And here we go!

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that King Moggle Mog drops weapons, of item level 75. If, for some reason, you hadn't saved up a total of 500 poetics to get yourself an augmented ironworks weapon, this could be an option, but you really should be trying to save up for that first, as weapon damage is the most important stat you can increase in this game, full stop. I know I haven't really been talking about the "numbers go up" stuff in Final Fantasy XIV, and, honestly, as long as you follow my recommendations, you'll be perfectly fine for equipment to get you through the story.

But I mention the moogle weapons because they're absolutely ridiculous looking and adorable.


So, this seems pretty out of left field. And it kinda was, but the origins of the Good King Moggle Mog battle, like a lot of things in Final Fantasy XIV, came about because of real world influences. During the development of the patch content for 1.x, the developers were planning to introduce a fight against Leviathan, the Lord of the Whorl. However, during the development, the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck the Fukushima nuclear power plant happened, and the developers felt it massively inappropriate to have Leviathan, whose signature attack in all of Final Fantasy history is a tsunami wave. So they developed this King Moggle Mog fight instead. The Noclip documentary has a story that one of the developers recalled of whether or not it was appropriate to keep the game servers running during this time of national crisis, when electrical power was a necessity for other things. They decided to shut down the servers temporarily, and when they came back up, they receieved e-mails and letters about the immediate aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that players were able to use Final Fantasy XIV as a way to get in touch with each other and make sure their friends were okay.

Satznswys is told to regroup with Pukni Pakk at Camp Tranquil, which seems kinda strange and out of the way, but to let you in on a little secret: Raya-O-Senna, Kan-E's sister hangs out here, and this is where White Mages get their job quests from.

Raya-O is relieved to hear of Satznswys's triumph, and asks her to relay everything that has happened today to Kan-E-Senna back in Gridania.

Geez, Yda, yeah, no kidding. It'd be really annoying if someone spoiled someone else's story and spilled their secrets.

She asks for the story straight from the woman herself.

Very fascinating indeed...

Again, I would ask you, dear readers, to keep this point in the back of your mind.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Yeah, that tracks.

How many more, indeed...?

It's a daunting thought, but she thanks Satznswys for her efforts.

So, in the meantime, it looks like Yda and Papalymo have been working some supply chain matters in the background in preparation for resettling at Revenant's Toll. Probably at Alphinaud's prompting. She must needs return to the Waking Sands, after all...

Back at the ranch, Minfilia hears the story recounted by Satznswys as well, and is concerned that, like the Ala Mhigan youth in Thanalan who desired to summon Rhalgr, the Ascians likewise egged on the moogles to do this.

Seems everything is packed up and ready to go, though. They're going to travel in staggered intervals as to not draw a large amount of attention.

So, Satznswys and Minfilia will be the ones to turn out the lights when they leave.

Kinda. Alisaie will be here as well, as they continue to work on the Bahamut situation.

Sure thing!


Uh oh!

Echo time!


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Minfilia finishes packing the solar.


Lahabrea. the white-cloaked Ascian says that Lahabrea is a warrior. He fought. He fell. He may yet learn from his mistakes. So we have evidence that, while expunged from Thancred's body, Lahabrea yet lives.

Tataru comes in, oblivious as to who is standing right next to her.

Seems that the Echo is needed to see this guy.

White Robe Guy confirms it.

Hmmm! Keep this one simmering for a LONG time. I know I'm asking you to keep a lot of pots on the stove, but this is my first time revisiting things since playing Shadowbringers.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

And all this went down while Urianger was going on.

Nope! Got it all. Rough time, eh, Minfilia?

Good. Y'all ready to get out of here?

Minfilia wants to know everything about this white-robed Ascian.

She's on it, boss!

...are you gonna do some X-Files Cancer Man garbage? Because she's not buying it.

This is obviously a trap.

Fighting off his ambush, Satznswys confronts the Ascian.

Yeah, yeah, we get it, she's splendid. What the hell do you want, Ascian?


The Goofiest Hrothgar

He says that the Mother, Hydaelyn's power wanes, and with Her weakness will come change to the lands.


Oh, I'm sure we will buddy. I'm SURE WE WILL.


As of this writing, Patch 5.3 has not been released, but we do know that flight will be added to the A Realm Reborn world zones. It's going to be interesting seeing all these places from a very different angle after looking at them from the ground for 3 years, personally.

Back at the Waking Sands, Tataru and Minfilia seem no worse for wear, and both are likely eager to get out of here and to their new digs.

Minfilia surmises that Elidibus might have some distaste for Lahabrea.

Oh, honey. OH HONEY.

Just one other thing, huh?

Minfilia's father was a double agent. Embedded deep within the Empire's armies as a spy, he fed the empire misinformation while giving the Resistance valuable intelligence.

She asks Satznswys to hand over the journal to Urianger with the hopes that he might be able to glean as much information out of the primals as he can.

Good. Best of luck Urianger.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Minfilia's already out the door. I thought we were leaving together?


And here they are!

Welcome to the Rising Stones, the new headquarters for the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Free and independent, under the sway of no nation, they can continue to serve Eorzea in a free capacity.

There's a few new faces here, recruits from the Adventurer's Guild.

Minfilia's mother is here, tending the bar and making sure everyone has a belly full of warm food.

Eh, books are for nerds, Y'shtola! Satznswys would never grab a book! ...unless y'all ever voted for her to pick up Arcanist, that is...

Thancred...what are you up to?

Yda and Papalymo doing Yda and Papalymo things.

Yeah, I suppose, Alphinaud, though Tataru does seem to do a really good job at keeping all that business crap out of Satznswys's way.

Nice office, Minfilia.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

That is a word for it, yeah.


Alphinaud and Minfilia will do their best to strengthen their ties with the Eorzean nations, but not let their political influence change the Scions' course of action.

Oh, hello Urianger. What's up?

...that can't be good.

Very odd. Urianger says they hadn't failed to respond in the past, so they have to assume something terrible happened. Terrible things are usually the standard operating procedure around here, after all.

Minfilia suspects treason, maybe. She tells Urianger to contact one of the Students' field agents.

But what could have happened to the Students of Baldesion? The answers will be forthcoming...

Minfilia has a fit of pique.

Yeah, seems like they're gonna have to find something a little more permanent to deal with Ascians.

She tells Satnzswys to take rest, and return to her adventuring in the meantime until their next course of action makes itself clear.

The 'Krile' friend she mentioned back before Operation Archon weighs on her mind, though.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Cloak boys talking in the dark.

Elidibus says that they survived the Seventh Ardor and are stronger now in the gift he mentioned to Satznswys.

*spooky orchestra sting*

And with that, that's the end of the Main Scenario Quest for patch 2.1!


The DRKest Roe
(He, Him)
It's funny how everybody hates Lahabrea, even his own allies.

Also, just a notice for everybody who hasn't played XIV, the 5.3 patch cut A LOT out of the above MSQ segment. The major story points are still there, but there's almost zero of the dumb busywork padding. It goes by very fast now.


aggro table, shmaggro table
Sidenote: They hadn't quite created the actual Ascian lair yet during 2.1, so that last scene actually takes place in the GM's in-game jail for rulebreakers and people they need to talk to.


A Bard Named SPOONY
Always loved that Good King Moggle Mog theme, sounds like it could easily segue into This Is Halloween.

Also hoo boy, the story beats this time around.