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Let's Play Technical Support (Problems, Suggestions, etc.)


Any talk about emulators, image hosts, screenshot or video programs, etc. should go here.

A quick guide to encoding with MediaCoder

A basic guide to encoding with VirtualDub

Dealing with audio desync

Useful Programs
Camtasia is an excellent screen recording program that costs $300 unless you screw around with your PC's clock to keep the 30-day trial period going forever.

CamStudio is a less powerful recording program, but it's free, significantly simpler (and easier to use), and it does what it needs to. Also it's free.

MediaCoder is a very good program for recompressing video, plus it's easy to crop and resize.

VirtualDub is also an excellent program that can record video and then do things with that video, but it's not for people who don't know what they're doing (like me, half the time).

Audacity is a free program that makes recording and editing audio easy. It is good.

IrfanView is great for taking screen caps and doing batch recompression, cropping, renaming, etc. to pictures.


...we're shy.
Alright if I am going to jump into this, I think it will be a combination of video + screenshot. I can deal with the Youtube stuff no problem, but I am not sure where the best place is to host images. Any suggestions?


Mellotron enthusiast
I use imgur for my LP's and it works pretty well (and it's free!), although be warned it does occasionally go down for maintenance. I wouldn't use photobucket, you have to pay a monthly fee after you upload 250 images, which in Let's Play terms is practically no time at all. That's pretty much all I know - I haven't really done much LP stuff until recently - but I hope it helps!


The Goggles Do Nothing
I wouldn't use photobucket, you have to pay a monthly fee after you upload 250 images, which in Let's Play terms is practically no time at all.

Since I was getting things ready for the Wild Arms 3 Let's Play, confirming that the Wild Arms 2 Let's Play that I did on the older version of these forums (and can be found here without having to dig out the archives) wound up being 6,146 images and a total of 2.06 GB. This included a number of GIFs... but there you go.