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Let's Play Not Worth its Own Thread: Screenshot Edition


The place for putting LPs you don't think are worth their own thread, or an LP of a game's highlights, or something else cool you think of!

Microgames are limited to four posts per update. This should be obvious; this thread's only for small projects so any of you thinking of trying to work around the queue will have to try again some other day. Unless you work something out with me ahead of time or if something pops up out of nowhere, abuse will be met with a punch to the biscuits. And if it turns out you don't think you'll have enough time for whatever you have planned, perhaps it may be worth it's own thread after all.

Only one run of a game at a time. This is all in one thread, so keeping all of this organized is gonna be key. While there's no formal queue per se, please wait until the current game is finished before starting up your own.

Microgames must be wrapped up in one month's time max. I've been pretty lenient with deadlines as far as bigger projects go, but the idea here is to give fast, bite-sized LPs a chance to shine. You should have plenty of time to wrap up your game of choice so don't dawdle with your run, and make sure you're good to go before you start up!

Once you finish a Microgame, you need to wait two weeks before you can start another. This is so the thread won't get locked up by a single person doing one microgame after another. If the two weeks pass and no one else has stepped in yet, then sure, you can go ahead and start another.

I think that's pretty much it. Have fun, and take it easy!