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Legends of the Halcyon Era - An Adventure in the World of Mega Man Legends


..and his little cat, too
I've spent the last several months working on a new project, and I'm finally ready to present the first fruits of my labor: Legends of the Halcyon Era - An Adventure in the World of Mega Man Legends.

Put simply, it's a fanfic.

You can find the first episode/chapter at The Mega Man Network and on Archive of Our Own, whichever works better for you.

I discuss it a bit more on Twitter here, and you can even get a look at one of the protagonists:

If you decide to check it out, I hope you enjoy it, and maybe share with others who love the series!


Lapsed Threadcromancer
How is this the first time I'm seeing this?! Bad forum user. Thank you for sharing, LBD!


Summon for hire
Any month is a good month to get a lot of creative work done. Take that credit in spirit!