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Kiblitzing. A Gaming Blog You Can Read!


Fearful asymmetry
Normally I'd post links to each of my articles on Twitter, but we all know what happened there. So in the hopes of finding an audience for my random musings on games, I'm going to post those links here.

This installment discusses the surprisingly promising Super Mario Bros. movie, and looks at some of the Switch eShop deals available until the fifth of December. If that doesn't suit your tastes, there's about ten years of articles, including a trip back in time to Toys 'R Us, a detailed list of Capcom power ups, and a wide variety of PSP game reviews.

I post even more video game content on my recently opened Cohost account, if you care, if you dare, to browse. Each Cohost entry is not as comprehensive as the main blog, but it's a heck of a lot longer than a single tweet.

Thanks for giving it a look.


Fearful asymmetry

Here now are nineteen reviews of Atari arcade games. This took a while to finish, but it should be a fun read for players old enough to remember the 1980s arcade scene. Turn out some of these oldies hold up pretty well forty years after their initial release! (And then there's Atari Tetris, which is just kind of unfortunate.)