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Jeopardy: The Previous Title Was No Longer Applicable


The Goggles Do Nothing
I wish there was an easy way to describe a situation wherein the answer was given first, and then no one won because all the questions were wrong.
Well, that went down in flames. Mike Richards won't host Jeopardy after all... he just stepped aside according to a report on Variety. He'll remain the executive producer, though.
Yeah, this isn’t over. Mark my words, guy will just try this again later once he thinks the heat has died down. No way a guy with such a massive ego will just take the L.

Prime comment on Reddit: "Yet again Mike Richards takes a job that should have gone to Buzzy."


In other Jeopardy news, there's a really impressive champion on right now (well, not right now, the season's over, but he'll be coming back.) Matt Amodio now holds a number of places in the Jeopardy hall of fame: 6th all-time in games won, 3rd in money won in regular play ($574 801) and 7th in combined regular + tournament winnings (also $574 801). It's been very impressive. Also, it's hilarious to look at the Single-Game Winnings list and just see James Holzhauer's name over and over.

Matt has actually had a few opportunities to crack onto the single-game winnings list. Most of his games have been runaways, but he's a much more cautious bettor than James was. He will often go for a true Daily Double in the first round (which I honestly think is pretty much always the right call), but rarely bets more than a few thousand on DDs in Double Jeopardy, even when he could afford much more. It's interesting to see how different people approach the game in that way.

He also has a pretty unique answering style - no matter what the clue is, he always answers "What's", rather than the more common "What is", "who is", "where is" etc. So, he'll give responses like "What's Streep?" or "What's 1812?" or the like. He also almost never gives peoples' first names when the answer is a person - his responses are quite clipped and to the point. I think this style makes a lot of sense - it's faster, which means you're not wasting time and have a better chance to get all the clues off the board, and being consistent in you're answering style means you can do it automatically and save brain power for actually thinking of the correct response. It also prompted Jeopardy to write a blog post about the rules around responses, which has some interesting stuff in it.
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I find the answer in the phrase of a question to be an unnecessary and tedious element of Jeopardy.

I'm rooting for LeVar to get another shot at the gig. I'm prepared to be disappointed when Joe Buck or someone equally uninspiring gets the gig.
Joe Buck would only take the job if he was exceedingly bored with what he's doing now. Which he could be, but I assume his daytime gig pays more and he's been a sports lifer.


I find the answer in the phrase of a question to be an unnecessary and tedious element of Jeopardy.

I'm rooting for LeVar to get another shot at the gig. I'm prepared to be disappointed when Joe Buck or someone equally uninspiring gets the gig

I'm hoping for LeVar too, although at this point I would assume that Ken Jennings is the front runner once again.

As for answering in the form of a question, I agree that it's kind of a vestigial part of the show. Although at this point, I am so practiced at answering that what that I will answer non-Jeopardy trivia questions with "What is..."

Exposition Owl

could use a space fortress
He also almost never gives peoples' first names when the answer is a person
That’s really smart. When I was doing QuizBowl in high school, the coaches always advised us to answer that way. If you give the correct last name but the wrong first name, then the answer’s wrong. So, if you give as little information as you can while still answering the question, you reduce your chances of screwing yourself out of points. I remember once answering a question about the first modern British PM by saying “Hugh Walpole” when the correct answer was “Robert Walpole”—if I’d just said “Walpole,” I’d have been in the clear.
I would presume that that Amodio guy was keeping his answers brief to be more efficient and uncover all the clues, maximizing his earning potential, before time expires. "What's Nixon" may not save all that much time compared to "Who is Richard Nixon," but with thirty clues per round, every little bit helps.

It seems people are pushing for Mayim Bialik's departure now, but I dunno... I'm just happy Richards left and don't want to press my luck. (Whoops, wrong game show.) It is odd they're trying to expand J! to nights, because I don't remember that working out so well for The Price is Right and its numerous second banana hosts.

Evidently one of these hosts referred to the paper cutout on Cliffhangers as "Fritz," the name of model Janice Pennington's boyfriend who was presumed lost on a mountain hiking trip. Needless to say, Janice was not happy. The Cliffhangers character is now more diplomatically known as "Yodelly Guy."


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
Good riddance.

The future of Jeopardy! is a huge uncertainty post-Trebek, but at least that jackass who tried to give himself the job will no longer have anything to do with it or its companion show Wheel of Fortune.

I'm rooting for LeVar Burton getting a more long-term run at the reins. He may not have been a perfect guest host, but he could always improve as he does it more.


behold my godlike
(she/her, or something)
but that's not all! you made yourself look like a jerk in front of millions of people, and you brought shame and disgrace on your family name for generations to come. you don't get to come back tomorrow! you don't even get a lousy copy of our home game.

you're a complete loser!

(he lost on jeopardy, baby)
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It's only been like a week. I'm mildly disappointed in Sony for caving so fast. I thought for sure they would have tried to stubbornly stick this out longer like they sounded like they wanted to.


New season started yesterday! It was weird seeing Richards there, knowing what went down, but Jeopardy is Jeopardy, so I was able to ignore it. Amodio won again, of course - one more and he'll be at 20 games, tied for 3rd all time.
It sounds like hosting duties will be shared by Mayim and Ken Jennings, the guy most people wanted to see host Jeopardy anyway. Well, the guys not already in Team Burton. (I get the impression LeVar is not really pursuing the hosting job anymore. He probably feels burned by the audition process which wasn't really an audition process.)