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Jaiku Wants To Write Light Novels!


Worthless Physicist
Okay, so, I've read a lot of Japanese light novels over the years. Hilene has recommended a lot to me, I've recommended a lot to her, and, well, I used to do a lot of creative writing when I was a kid, but school kinda squashed that down for me. Now that there's a little more time in my life, I started writing. Actually, on some days, I've had a hard time STOPPING writing. So, I wrote some things. Hilene has been kind enough to be my editor, because she wants to get into editing.

But, I've always been a little bit of a coward, though I don't want to be. I've been afraid of sharing my works. Whatever, today I cast that aside!

If you want to read anything that I've written, I'll have the latest versions all uploaded in pdf format here:

Depository of my work!!

If people want .epub files, there will be epub files!

Let me give you a breif description of each of my works, alphabetically:

Because "The Conscripted Pirate Queens of Space" is a scifi work with a lot of proper nouns, I was asked to make this appendix of terminology used and people included. Written from the perspective of one of the lead characters, for funsies.

Conscripted Queens short for "The Conscripted Pirate Queens of Space"
Science fiction! Exploring the galaxy in the far future! Be warned; I'm not super fond of hard sci-fi, but I'll be using a little bit of my physics degree to make things feel more real.
The two greatest space pirates in the galaxy have been captured. Bombs were placed in their heads, and they were forced to work for the Pan-Galactic Strategic Alliance, one of the four major powers of space. After proving unruly, the Alliance was forced to put them under the command of The Majesico, the ship where the Alliance sends all of their losers and people they can't stand. Everyone who's fit to work but not bad enough to fire.
Think Dirty Pair meets Irresponsible Captain Tylor?

Fire Besties short for "Like it or not, the god of fire is my bestie!"
Fantasy! Kinda inspired by Isekai/parallel world books and anime, though this doesn't involve reincarnation.
A young man, Freis, sets out to be an adventurer! When he prays to the god of fire, their avatar falls instantly in love. The twist is that Freis isn't in love at all! In fact, they feel nothing for this source of divine charisma, which annoys the god-avatar. The god-avatar is determined to be Freis's best friend. But all Freis wants is to live a normal adventurer's life. Whatever that means.
Inspired by works like dragon quest, Kono Suba, "Didn't I say to make my abilities AVERAGE in the next life?" etc

Lilliput, aka Project: Lilliput
...Fantasy? Terror? Fantasy meets reality?
Okay, so I'm going to out myself. I've got a bit of a giantess fetish. One day when I was bored, I wanted to write a story about a giga-sized giantess trying to go to school at a tiny island nation. I'm not proud of it, but I've somehow written enough to dwarf some of my other stories, so I thought I'd put it up. It features gross abuse of power, magical powers, etc. Not for people easily weirded out.
Warning: People die from like page 1.

Princess Carry
Romance, Fantastical meets modern age.
A man named Tim falls in love with a big, buff giantess. Well, they fell in lust. Turns out that she's the representative of a race of amazons who are making themselves known to humanity for the first time. They want to be in love, but their positions in life won't allow it. What's more important? True love, or the war between three kingdoms of amazons for humanity's future? Can we have both?
As I said before, bit of a giantess fetish. I'm a big fan of She-hulk, for example. This started as a mysterious buff lady just taking me. I'm trying to turn it into an actual story. There's sex from pretty early on, but I also don't go into graphic detail because it makes me squeamish. Edge of softcore, I guess?

Void Familiar, aka Familiar of the Void
Fantasy, School Life, Horror
The daughter of a Marchioness has gotten everything she's ever wanted. Except magic. A ritual is performed, to bestow her with a familiar. Well, that would solve everything, except... The familiar is an aspect of the horror of the abyss, of infinity, of nothingness. A spoiled high-schooler has the ultimate magical weapon. Woe befalls anything that stands in her path.
Inspired by 'magical academy' type works, such as "My life as a Villainess" and Harry Potter. Also, I really like an online story called "Love Crafted" and a manga called "The Elder-sister-like One" and this is my own crack at it. Before I wrote Lilliput, this is where I went to write horrible things.

So, have at it! Please try to keep the criticism constructive. They're all most definitely works in progress.