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I'm watching all the Joe Dante movies


I'd say he's an amalgam of both, since Clamp is also a real estate developer, and the Clamp Center is a pretty clear reference to Trump Tower. But in terms of personality he's definitely closer to Turner.

Johnny Unusual

Similarly, there were references to colorized movies and re-edits ("now with a happier ending") which were closely associated with Turner


Plastic Vampire
Yeah, it's been a long time since I listened to the Gremlins 2 commentary track, but they certainly mentioned the Trump connection in there. I'll also agree that Clamp is written to be way more likeable than a straightforward Trump analogue would be. It's one reason the character works, I think. Clamp himself is less awful than the ladder-climbers and yes-men who surround him. He's excited about all the stuff he's building, but oblivious that he's ruining neighborhoods in the process. His starry-eyed billionaire optimism contrasted against how nothing in his high-tech building actually works properly feels like more of a relevant satire of our world than it did in 1990, arguably.