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I'm rewatching Buffy


First, I know that Joss Whedon is bad, and I understand that people don't want to interact with his stuff anymore. Perfectly fine, and feel free to talk about that stuff here too. Or don't, that's ok too.

But I still think that Buffy is a great show, with a lot of interesting themes to talk about. Plus very well done characters, and clever dialogue. It is one my favourite shows of all time for these reasons.

I don't have too much to say at the moment. I'm still in season 1, which I always liked a lot. The stories might be simple, but dialogue and charactes are already of a good quality, and it's just nice that it isn't so intense like later seasons. Especially when going from S7 to S1 it feels so calm and harmless, despite some really bad stuff happening.

But aside from that, I only wanted to talk about a small scene in "The Puppet Show". At the beginning, Buffy, Xander and Willow make fun of Giles for having to manage the talent show, and it feels like they mock the show themselves. This is annoying, and I really dislike how media portrays it as something bad, when people try to do artistic stuff. Yes, they might be bad, but even if you are a bad magician, you are still way braver than all the people who just sit in the audience and laugh. Our society should motivate people to try and fail at artistic stuff, instead of making fun of them.

Well, this wasn't particularly deep, or much about the show at all, but I felt like using this complaint to make this thread.