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If Talking Time Were a Fighting Game, What Would Your Move List Look Like?


"This is not my beautiful forum!" - David Byrne
(Hi Guy)
Imagine if you will, a hypothetical Talking Time fighting game a la Street Fighter. We’d have a roster that puts Smash Bros to shame; it’d be great. So I wanna know what kind of moves are you bringin’ to the brawl? Do you have specials? Got a good air game? You gonna focus more on punches, kicks, throws? Gotta get at least one good ki blast in there somewhere probably. Will you have a gimmick and/or a backstory??

Anyway, assume A, B, L, R, & a stick for your controls and fill in your move list!


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
I'm a create-a-character I spent hours to get look of what I was basing it on just right, only to never really use it as I've rarely seen my friends in person post pandemic.


Summon for hire
Hmm, probably easiest to just take my glowy purple Templar model from the big XCom Let’s Play and adapt that. Which means I’d be a sword and energy blast guy. Hope this game has enough Smash and/or SoulCal in it that I don’t disrupt the meta!


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
I'd use Nanto Bakusatsu Ken. But you have to be careful when playing me because I can be damaged by my own moves.

And mirror matches using my character are generally really short and messy affairs.


"This is not my beautiful forum!" - David Byrne
(Hi Guy)
So I'm thinking that I'd probably be a grapple heavy character. I don't punch so good, and I'm not terribly flexible so I think high kicks and sweeps are out of the equation. Imagine if Dan Hibiki were a parody of Zangief and I bet that's about as good as I could realistically ask for.


Internet's foremost Bertolli cosplayer
I'm a charge character like Guile, but you need to hold it for like 30 seconds uninterrupted. OHKO if any of my moves actually fire, though.


Hmm, probably easiest to just take my glowy purple Templar model from the big XCom Let’s Play and adapt that.
Ooh yeah, yours was perfect for a fighting game!

I'd stick with swords since I did fencing, but also feel like I should throw bottles of medication at people or something.

Johnny Unusual

A - Cringe
B- Shrink
X - Apologize
Y - Freeze
L - Mumble
R - Eat

↑,←,A,B = Fail to listen, wait to interject with unrelated point