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I will make it to 5000


Summon for hire
Anyway, it's definitely better that post counts are a bit hidden now, which is totally why I'm posting in this thread about inflating post counts.


does the Underpants Dance
What's the big deal with post counts anyway? If you die, your post count resets to 0 and then you have to find your corpse to get those posts back.


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
Silly fools. Going on about post counts when they are obviously a count of messages.


Smol Monster
(She/her, they/them)
I intend to inflate my post count through cat pictures, because Alisaie is the cutest kitten who has ever lived, and only barely eclipses her big brother Captain Toebeans.



Smol Monster
(She/her, they/them)
She is such a good tiny void! And we had to let her have that basket, which USED to be for new mail before she claimed it for her own.


(He/him, they/them)
I'm trying to be more active here on the new forums, so who knows, I might actually get to 5,000 this time!


The question is who will be the first to 5000?

No, stop. This is not a race! Post counts don't matter!

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
It totally existed, and it had no racing in it whatsoever, it was a platformer where the bosses were cars, and you were Muttley.

Johnny Unusual

I definitely remember that. The bosses were all the good guys and for some reason you faced them in walled off rooms Mega Man style where, you know, they can't race.