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I was playing Jet Lancer the day the new forum opened


Red Plane
Jet Lancer is a 2D side scrolling dogfight-em-up in the tradition of Luftrausers, Sopwith, and Intellivision Biplanes. It’s pretty fun! I’m terrible at it!

I think my biggest problem early on was keeping enemies on screen long enough to shoot at them, but now that I’m in the later stages and the enemies are more aggressive and appear in greater numbers (and also I’m not holding down the thruster button all the time) it’s easier to keep them in view. The game is frequently frustrating (I miss Luftrausers’ regenerating health), but when it comes together and I can shoot and dodge and get the plane to go where I want it feels great.

The levels that require a certain amount of points in a limited time are terrible, but the game’s accessibility options let me turn off damage and get through them relatively easily so it can be forgiven. There’s also one with a ludicrously impossible score goal that turns out to be a cut scene, so it’s got a sense of humour.

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
I flippin' love Jet Lancer, but the kitten has claws when it want's em. The early mission where you have to score 60,000 points in three minutes being the most obvious example (and that was patched out to a merely Hard To Achieve 30K pretty quickly), but even beyond that some of the boss fights are *nasty* pieces of work.

On the other hand, the game is SO ENTHUSIASTIC about every one of them that I can't stay mad.


Red Plane
I just finished Jet Lancer. Fun/frustrating all the way to the end. I used the accessibility options a few times: whenever there was a score total required in a limited time I turned off damage and boosted the dodge window (and I still struggled to get the required scores), and for two of the bosses I turned the dodge window up one notch, which in both cases resulted in beating them first try without taking damage after many runs of getting nowhere close to beating them.