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I want to learn about dating sims

Pajaro Pete

the true answer is harvest moon (snes), which perfectly captures the standard courtship system of giving a girl a potato everyday for a month until she loves you


I'm definitely going to have to replay DDLC with all these comments in mind. I haven't played a lot of VNs/Dating Sims and it felt as I was playing it like a deconstruction, and some reviews I read saw it as such, too, so it'd be interesting to look at it with a new perspective and see if it still holds up.
The issue with basically all of the critically acclaimed Japan-inspired dating sims and visual novels created by non-Japanese speakers being described as a deconstruction is it's extremely unlikely that they've really played many or even any of the foundational games in the genre to begin with. So it kind of raises questions like: What exactly are they deconstructing, other than some broad stereotypes about Japan and anime and what these games might be like? If so, is that actually a deconstruction of the genre, or is it probably something else that's maybe tangential to or vaguely inspired by very broad ideas about what the genre might be like?

It doesn't necessarily mean all these games are bad. Some are good on their own terms. But in general be skeptical of any of these games being labelled a deconstruction, especially when those claims are made by creators or reviewers who aren't actually that familiar with the source materials being deconstructed.