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I need help finding some songs (romantic era, maybe?)


I just played Astrologaster, a game set in Victorian England, where you play Simon Forman, a real person, who acted as doctor and astrologist, asking the stars about what plagued his patients.

You get 13 patients, who come roughly 6 times each, which all seem to be people who existed. And each time, a song is sung by a choir, before they enter the house. These songs are based on real songs, just with changed lyrics. There might be light spoilers in the texts of the song, but I think it shouldn't be too bad, in case the game sounds interesting. In any case, give them a listen.

Here are the songs:

Avis Allen
Nicholas Mugg
Alice Blague
Mary Payne
Riccardo Ferraro
Emilia Lanier
Humphrey Bell - Come Again
John Whitgift
Sybil Fortescue
Robert Devereux
Thomas Blague
Emma Sharpe
Lancelot Moore

I'd like to know which songs these are based on, because some of them are really great. The only one I recognize is Humphrey Bell, it's based on the beautiful Come Again.