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I am excited for the Puppy Bowl and I am not ashamed

The Puppy Bowl is completely stupid but it warms my heart and I love it. Also apparently this year Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are hosting and I don't even know WTF to think of that but am in.

I actually watched part of the very first one because a friend of mine was working at Animal Planet at the time and mentioned it to me a few days before the Super Bowl. It sounded hilarious, so I watched a bit, thought it was cute and hoped they would do it again. According to her, Animal Planet sincerely didn't plan for it to do terribly well and just thought it might get a bit of publicity for doing something silly. I have no idea if that was true or just something they were telling the staff and interns but I really like the idea that something they didn't intend to do well just blew up.

I still think having a bird Tweet about it by putting millet on a keyboard and actually Tweeting the resulting gibberish was fantastic, I'm bummed that they now have it be real commentary, bah.

Also they really push Adopt Don't Shop and spend a lot of time discussing the importance of rescues:

PUPPY BOWL is 16 for 16 with an adoption rate at 100% of all puppies and kittens featured have found their forever homes with loving families.

Anyway, the only downside is that it requires cable although it looks like this year you can stream it with a free trial.

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
I think the least surprising thing I have ever posted on any incarnation of Talking Time is that I enjoy the Puppy Bowl infinitely more than any other kind of bowl