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How would you remake X game?


Old Man Gamer
Playing the excellent Super Mario RPG remake last night, Karen asked me how I would approach remaking EarthBound.

My first response was that I wouldn't. Part of what makes the Super Mario RPG remake work (to use Karen's words) is that clearly if they could have made that game, with it's pre-rendered and shrunken 3D graphics, look like the remake, they probably would've. EarthBound on the other hand I strongly believe was always meant to look the way that it does; a bright, colorful Super Nintendo game. I think some might argue that it could have a clay/stop-motion look like the concept and marketing art, but I feel that the art for the NES/SNES Mother games inspired the clay model art, not the other way around*.

After thinking about it a little more, I added a second answer: make it look like a television cartoon special from the 1970s. Something like The Point or Really Rosie with the battle screen more like Yellow Submarine. If the goal was to be Americana nostalgia, that'd be the closest I feel in capturing though vibes - though again, ultimately the best answer is no change to the art at all, similar to how flashbacks in the later Metal Gear Solid games use footage from the old games rather than remaking those scenes in the new engine or using footage from other remakes re: Twin Snakes.

How about you? How would you remake a game if you had the chance? Feel free to interpret the question however you like!

*I didn't look into this too deeply so I might be wrong about it! If there's sources out there you know of that claim otherwise, let me know!


Oh! Create!
(they/them, she/her)
I'd come up with something way worse than the seemingly ideal form the Ufouria remake is shaping up into.



not a frog
(He/Him + RT/artee)
If I were Digital Eclipse, I'd make a collection of every Channel F game for the system's 50th anniversary. In addition to the usual supplementary materials (interviews, design docs, etc), the emulated games would also come with several novel filtering options to make the blocky graphics shine, such as cut out construction paper and cartoon outlines. Other additions would include schematics and blueprints of the hardware, and source code for any games where it may exist (or be reconstructed).

Also, I'd try to remake as many of the games I could in a style that resembles the clean, abstract shapes on the box art, recoded from scratch so they run at 60 FPS.

The coup de grace would be a built in IDE and coding tutorial series courtesy of the folks at 8bitworkshop.


target for faraway laughter
The main feature of my fantasy remake of the game Xenoblade Chronicles X would be putting it on a system that is real and exists.


not a frog
(He/Him + RT/artee)
One game that I had seriously considered remaking myself a year or so back was the 1992 ZZT world The Crypt. It was published by Epic themselves for winning a design contest, and I had just released a remake of another winner from that same contest, Ezanya, so I was curious if it was worth trying my hand at the project.

The game has a lot going for it. It has a anachronistic fantasy setting, where the main town has a church, an arcade, and a supply room with a replicator, which fits ZZT quite well. The residents of said town are being driven crazy by the evil emanations coming from a nearby crypt housing a demon lord, and you decide to put a stop to it. There are a lot of ways you can die, and they all have shockingly gory descriptions. There's even a simple morality system. It was a pretty promising game at first glance.

Unfortunately, it's rather threadbare overall. There is only one quest (find a way to enter the crypt), compared to Ezanya's four quests, meaning there's no real plot or worldbuilding going on besides the initial premise.

The worst part of it all is the asylum right next to the town, filled with the people driven mad by the crypt. It's an interesting concept, but it approaches the topic of mental illness with about as much tact as you'd expect (poorly). It clearly was attempting to be as schlocky as the rest of the game, but didn't stick the landing. Furthermore, being nearly a full third of the game's content, I couldn't justify removing it.

I might revisit the idea later, but currently my opinion is that the amount of old content that would need to be reworked and the amount of brand new content needed both just make me feel like my efforts would be better spent making a wholly new, unencumbered fantasy-themed game.


Unfortunate doesn't begin to describe...
All I pray for is skippable cutscenes in the Mega Man Zero games…


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
I want my remakes confrontationally disloyal to the source material
I'd claim to do HD2D or similar graphical overhauling remake of Chrono Trigger, except pull a FFVII Remake style fake out and some new villain is messing with history and it was actually a surprise 3rd game in the series the whole time.
I would ask Gemdrops to remake Valkyrie Profile 1. They've done a pretty bang up job with the Star Ocean 2 remake, and have shown their capacity to bring out the brilliance within the ambitious yet rough designs of tri-Ace games. A modern remake of that game could be quite wonderful, and could reinvigorate the long dead franchise, besides.


Just go through so many games and give all the women actual clothes instead of gross boob armor and lingerie. If I still have time fix all the sexist dialogue in, uh, a lot. I feel like I should have a more specific answer but that would be nice.


Oh, jeez, the Etrian Odyssey series with not gross character portraits (including townspeople).


does the Underpants Dance
I keep trying to think of novel ways to remake a few games, but it's actually pretty tough. I'm thinking like... Xenogears, Ogre Battle, Secret of Mana, Illusion of Gaia... lots of games I consider classics and still love playing now, but could also still benefit from certain aspects getting remade.

I would ask Gemdrops to remake Valkyrie Profile 1. They've done a pretty bang up job with the Star Ocean 2 remake, and have shown their capacity to bring out the brilliance within the ambitious yet rough designs of tri-Ace games. A modern remake of that game could be quite wonderful, and could reinvigorate the long dead franchise, besides.
I do think Gemdrops proved a very important thing with the SO2 remake in that you don't really need to "rebalance" an old game when you remake it, when instead you can focus more on exposing aspects of the game that were too opaque or confusing the first time around (and not implemented that way on purpose, of course).

So for example, with a hypothetical Secret of Mana remake I would want to retain the core action gameplay (even though I don't think people like its pseudo-ATB system) but instead try to make the rest of its action combat more elegant (hit-box collision and such).


"This is not my beautiful forum!" - David Byrne
(Hi Guy)
Starfox & Starfox 64 as first person VR games. Motion sickness ahoy!


not a frog
(He/Him + RT/artee)
If I still have time fix all the sexist dialogue in, uh, a lot. I feel like I should have a more specific answer but that would be nice.
With the power of the Playstation 6, the developers of FF16 will finally be able to give the women characters agency.


excused from moderation duty
Staff member
I believe the safest and most impactful improvement that remakes can categorically make is to improve the user interface. Expose more information about things that might, at the time, have been relegated to manuals or player notebooks. Give clearer (but not intrusive) feedback about the results of player actions. Stick an autosave or quicksave feature in there. Take arbitrary missables and slot in a discreet way to recover them. Add warnings in front of points of no return. Display tasteful button guides in appropriate places. Improve the menu ergonomics. Pick better fonts.

Obviously, in some cases, opacity and "inconvenience" carry an artistic purpose, and in all cases, consonance with the game experience is important. But a game is a piece of software, in which there are often practical usability improvements that weren't feasible, economical, or known back in the day.


Commercial quality Ultima Underworld remake (I know there's a bunch of fan remakes) with modern first-person dungeon crawler user interface and game design. Most of the level design, setting, plot and lore can stay, but make it more approachable and fix some of the more egregious design flaws (like the untelegraphed possibilities of locking yourself away from progress)


Slam Master
(he, etc.)
Remake NES Strider in a way where it's not a broken buggy mess. (Yeah, arguably the latest game in the series KINDA did that, but it's not that story or those settings, it's just a non-broken Strider metroidvania.)
I would remake Xenogears so that the spritework was Vanillaware-tier. Update all the BGs/environments so they look sleek and modern. Update the character portraits so there were dozens of different emotions instead of just the small handful. Give map/dungeon exploration a modern Mario style control/camera setup so things like the Tower of Babel feel fun instead of punishing. Remaster all of the anime cutscenes and add in several hours worth of more. Full voice. Expand out a little bit of the story in Disk 2 so that obviously unfinished/buggy things could be corrected (like Esmerelda's story) but otherwise leave the Evangelion Ep 25-26 story framing intact.

I would remake Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars so that its shitty combat mechanic was removed so that it's just a pure tactical game on par with Tactics Ogre/FFT. Also tons of anime cutscenes because why not.


Remake any and all SMT games so that you're not required to save-scum fusions to progress