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Hilene Wants To Write Light Novels!


Loves "Friendly Girls"
The last few days, I've been plugging away here and there at a concept prologue for a prompt I stumbled across while watching The Saint's Magic Power Is Omnipotent, which is essentially "Summoned Chosen One, except the position is explicitly gendered and the summoned person is an in-denial egg". Some day I might go back to this, but for now I wrote about as much as I was comfortable with in order to establish my idea. I also included my broad strokes intended plot progression, in case I do come back later on and have an urge to try again.

Veiled Maiden (Working Title)


Loves "Friendly Girls"
Ok, I lied. I had one more thing I wanted to write, which ended up becoming two scenes that basically doubled what I had previously written. I added them to the previous link.

So, uh. If you want to see an ace/aro person try to write a romance scene, you should go read Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun Then after that, if you still want to see something, you can look at the nearly 3000 words I managed to string together.