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Help Request Thread

Johnny Unusual

I'm making this its own thread since I feel like "Tips and Tricks" is a thread more for "I noticed this cool thing you can do, so I'm sharing it."

Again, is there a way to do start times and (this is less likely but I want to know), end times for embedded videos, particularly for youtube? I really like to take sections of longer videos for a point and emphasis and its less effective to say "OK, go to 1:24 and end at 1:57") I feel like I used to know how to start but now I can't do it.


Do you mean in general or here on TT? In general you use the URL for the video and then add "&t=XmYs" where X = what minute into the video you want it to start on and Y = what second you want.

Here on new TT you can put that whole url into the window that pops up when you click the video link or you can just use the following code

[MEDIA=youtube] "the string of letters and numerals that come after the = in a YT url":"number of seconds into the video[/MEDIA]

For example below I used this [MEDIA=youtube]B3QTAgHlwEg:301[/MEDIA]

And the video will start at the five minute and 1 second marker.

Did that help?

Johnny Unusual

Perfect. Thank you. Is there a way to also end a segment of video as well yet? This would also be awesome. Otherwise, how will I cut off this video before revealing this ISN'T a werewolf suicide.



Alright. Thanks anyway. Could I still get the post pinned?

Probably? I'm not a mod anymore but if you reach out to one of them (Loki, Gahitsu, Kishi, Gaer, and SilentSnake) they could probably do that for you. Maybe ask them the limiting question as well?


chat.exe a cessé de fonctionner
Staff member
I have a new post designed to be a resource. I want to be able to edit it and I don't really want anyone to post on it. Is there are a way for it to be locked to others but I can still edit it at my leisure?

It could be locked and then you could request an unlock for when you have new stuff to add to it. I won't speak for other mods, but I wouldn't mind doing it for you. Just get me on discord or send me a pm.