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Get it? Because the game's about time travel? - Talking about Crash Bandicoot 4


Staff member
Crash 4.jpg
I've been playing Crash 4 for a bit now, and I've been having a lot of fun with it. I'm struck by how closely it hews to the Crash formula yet manages to feel thoroughly like a modern video game. It's kind of amazing what the game does with the corridor levels, especially later on. The ghost mardi gras level is pure joy. The game also borrows a mechanic from Titanfall 2's best level, so there's that. Also, the game looks phenomenal, a definite candidate for best looking game currently out there. Anyways, more people should play this because it's great.
Crash 4 1.jpg


Video games
I hate it so much and I'm sorry. I am sorry for that. This game is an oinker of barnyard calibre and I have rarely been as disappointed. There are many fundamental things I would change but most crucially

- Halve the size of each level, at least
- Stop hiding "clever" super unintuitive boxes, it's not fun to spin invisible boxes behind things
- Those boxes that periodically catch fire? Excise them from the game entirely
- Make everyone Be Quiet