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Freddy's Dead: Popularity Contest #43

They saved the best for last

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Johnny Unusual

If you don't know what this is, we like to put together crowd sourced lists of our favourite things and see what comes out on top. We've done Monsters, Tabletop Games and Fictional Settings to name a few but we are looking forward. And you get to help choose the next one by voting!

Now let's look at the future choices...

Top 50 Adventure Movies - Johnny Unusual
Top 50 Marvel Characters - Adrenaline
Top 50 Pokémon - Mogri

Here are also some general rules:

1) The vote will go on for four days and you can vote for one topic and can change your votes at any time.
2) If you vote for something PLEASE do so with the intent of participating. I certainly relate to voting for a topic you think is neat but don't feel you could contribute much too. And its fine if you vote and maybe find later you don't have the time. Things happen. But if you vote for one you might not want to actually contribute to, you might not be alone. We want the winner to have as many contributors as possible, thus making it more fun.
3) Please do not crap on anyone's choices or submissions. Its cool to talk about your preferences and even try to convince people why one choice is good but please don't mock other choices or try to hector people into voting for a specific choice. It just makes a fun thing less fun. However, if you have legitimate concerns about a specific topic, perhaps for reasons someone didn't consider, like sensitivity reasons or a possible problematic nature, don't hesitate.

I think that's it. I hope I'm not forgetting anything.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free do discuss them below.

Johnny Unusual

These are all great topics.
Do agree. I remember somewhere else on the Internet about 7 years ago I had a Pokémon list with two entries simply because despite watching the anime back in the day and playing the first game, I was pretty indifferent. But now I think I can make a good list. Mostly through cultural osmosis, though I suspect much of my list will be Red/Blue era.

Marvel is in the lead for now, which would also be a lot of fun. Most of mine are probably goofier characters and maybe "feels" characters... who are often the characters who are at least somewhat goofy.

Johnny Unusual

YES! While I'm mildly disappointed with my topic's poor showing (mildly because I know I'll get it eventually AND it's hard work AND I did quite a few recently), both topics are great. @Adrenaline and @Mogri now must discuss between them who goes first!

Johnny Unusual



Summon for hire
Hah, okay, it’s not really my show, but… I’m getting married three weeks from now and would definitely have more time to help out on Pokémon after that, which would seem to say Marvel first would be best for me. Though, we’re going on our honeymoon in early August, so that’s a bad time for me too. Kinda depends on how long voting and listing takes? The current one is going by blazing fast.


We could always have a break between the two of a couple of weeks. Or I'm sure that Octo, Johnny or myself (or someone else) could come up with a mini contest of some sort to fill the void if it comes down to it. I know I've got plenty of top 10 ideas.


Round and round I go
Staff member
Right. The only thing on my calendar is a vacation in mid-July, so I guess I'll let @Adrenaline take the first turn with his list of Marvels.