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Football 2023: You Can't Put Ketchup on a Steak. You Just Can't, Guys


That was a surprisingly good first game of the season.

Also I wasn't paying attention during my work fantasy draft and autopick gave me Deshaun Watson. I didn't realize it until later and posted an "ew gross" message before dropping him.

Yes I know, I'm still supporting an awful organization by watching games and participating in fantasy and so many players have domestic violence or other issues. But it's pretty freaking bad.

Beta Metroid

At peace
I'm having very strange feelings watching Lions football.

Also, to the Seattle folks here: A lot of Lions faithful kinda see Seattle as lucking into taking our playoff spot, then immediately throwing said spot in the trash last year. Couple that with the hype of last night's game, this being the home opener, the general enthusiasm surrounding the Dan Campbell era...and I say don't expect this to be a typical trip to Ford Field.

...Now, from your perspective, that may just translate to "the atmosphere of a typical road game against a solid team with a strong crowd presence." But that's a big step up for us!

Beta Metroid

At peace
I've seen a few Lions wins in Green Bay, but a decisive victory to take the (early, I know it's early) lead in the division? Prompting the Lambeau crowd to boo their own team? Hearing "Let's go Lions" chants on the TV broadcast? Taking over the stadium to such a degree that the Pack felt compelled to issue an official statement trying to make excuses for it? That was satisfying.

Long way to go, and still tempering expectations. But this team is just fun to watch. I've always been in favor of more aggression on 4th downs in football in general, and it's nice to cheer for a team that commits to it and has the ability to make it work for them. Really, REALLY hoping this continues to work out.
If the Lions can get themselves an actual franchise QB in the next couple of years (Goff is not the longterm answer), their Superbowl window is wide open.
They potentially had one, but they let all the Back the Blue Nazis run him out of the league on a rail.

As a Seahawks fan, I'm kind of glad we don't have to deal with a seasoned Kap on this 49ers team with this coach because the rest of the division wouldn't stand a chance.

Rascally Badger

El Capitan de la outro espacio
Is Goff really not the answer? Like, Goff is not likely to be an MVP candidate, but he appears to get the job done a lot better than basically any other option. Though they should probably do what the Chiefs did, which is evaluate top QB's while they have a competent one and then spend the draft capital to get their guy when the find him.
If Goff has a great team around him, he can look pretty good, but I think SB LIII showed how he fares on the big stage. This is also the case with Brock Purdy, although good luck convincing anyone in the national sports media of that one right now.
If Devon Witherspoon is going to do this stuff every game, I think I can make my peace with losing Russ.


I don't have Disney + so I didn't get to watch the Toy Story overlay, did anyone here? I'm still completely baffled that the NFL thought doing some sort of Vtuber rig for a football game made any damn sense?!
I don't have Disney + so I didn't get to watch the Toy Story overlay, did anyone here? I'm still completely baffled that the NFL thought doing some sort of Vtuber rig for a football game made any damn sense?!
Youth participation for football has been nosediving and that spooks the boomers in control of the league

Dark Medusa

Diamond Crusader
I'm just so fucking tired of the Turf Monster tanking the Bills season. Two years ago it was Tre White. One year ago it was Von Miller. This year it's Tre White AND Matt Milano. Will the Bills ever get lucky?


(He, Him)
This Josh Dobbs guy is pretty fun to watch. Hope he doesn’t get his brains scrambled running the ball in himself for the 20th time in one game.