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Football 2021: John Gruden is a Racist


(Fem or Gender Neutral)
Man, I can't even imagine having a team where the QB doesn't get killed every season because the o-line lets everyone in. Referring to the Lions in my case.


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
Tom Brady could calmly stand in place and leisurely look around before throwing an unhurried perfect pass
I am not a football fan but I have friends who are. This reminds me of a team they were talking about from the 60s or 70s (maybe - I can't remember which team or year it was) where they joked that the offensive line was so good that the QB could stop and smoke a cigarette before throwing the ball.


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
Yeah, it might have been the Raiders. I don't exactly remember them mentioning Bradshaw and I think at least one of them was a Raiders fan.


A most radical pontiff
Approx 40 false start and holding calls against the vikes today as well as a turn-over call that I don’t think anyone agreed with made this a bit of a tough opener. We’ll see how they do when the refs aren’t out for blood before I decide to skip another year.


Hashtag give it to gilly
This is a hell of a weird season so far. All the games I watch, it's like everyone forgot how to play football during the pandemic. Most games have enough flags you'd think you were at the UN
fun season in that it feels like there are a lot of pretty good teams. even the ones that are really great are showing flaws

mostly I'm happy and feeling vindicated by bridgewater showing off how good he is.


Hashtag give it to gilly
Seriously, were flags this common in earlier seasons? It seems like every 3 plays there's a penalty


Let's 90s gaming
I hate the 49ers and I don't understand why they keep playing Jimmy Garappolo.
There's no one else right now. Lance obviously isn' t ready. Plus when a team and the mediaall drink the Kool-Aid for a player as thoroughly as this, it's hard to admit the mistake.

But yes, with Stafford replacing Goff, Garoppalo is easily the worst starting QB in the division now and SF should probably do some serious work during the offseason (not on my account though).

Tom Brady sure looked more vulnerable than he has in a while though and I wonder how much that was because of Gronk's absence.


Summon for hire
I don't follow football, but I happened to be outside a sports bar last night and the TB-NE game was on, and I remembered just enough to be wondering why the heck Brady was on the wrong side of the field...

Also, dang, that guy is only one year younger than me and still going.
There's no one else right now. Lance obviously isn' t ready.
Lance might not be "ready" but he gives them a better chance at winning than JimmyG who just can't play football. It's crazy how whenever they've been putting Lance in, the team magically, mysteriously somehow begins moving the ball better. I really don't understand the old mentality of making a kid sit and hold a clipboard for a season or two. How's that gonna make him learn better than just going out and actually getting reps, exactly? If we're doomed to lose this year because JimmyG is our QB, might as well get started on actually training Lance up a bit.


Let's 90s gaming
Wilson could be out 6-8 weeks with a ruptured tendon in his finger. That's our season gone right there, and any chance of Russ breaking Favre's record.

Sports are so dumb.

Rascally Badger

El Capitan de la outro espacio
More fool me, I kind of believed his original explanation for the DeMaurice Smith email. I mean, it was really stupid and made no sense, but it was so stupid and made such little sense that I thought it was likely the truth, because it was too dumb to be a lie.

Turns out, along with being an all around terrible person, Gruden is really just that dumb.
The amusing thing about all of this, is that this is all plain as day to me. Like, just listening to who he would and wouldn't praise while working for ESPN, his lily white coaching staffs over the years, and how he very weirdly went and promptly traded off a bunch of talented black players when he took over as HC of the Raiders and replaced them all with less talented white players... To say nothing of his openly anti-vaxx, anti-kneeling stances he's repeatedly clung to over the years. Like... he was just so transparently, obviously a horrible person and a bigot. I'm just amazed he finally got outed after what seemed like an interminable amount of time of getting away with it in plain sight.