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Fear of the blank page


I like to produce art, little stuff, like stories or drawings. And, when I'm not at home, I always think about what I can create, and all the ideas I have. But when I'm home, I have a really hard time sitting down, and actually getting something done.

I'm not even sure if it's strictly the Fear of th Blank Page, because part of it is that I am simply lazy. But also, while I really enjoy creating, I always think about the time commitment, and how I actually should study, or continue playing a game, or whatever. I'm just scared of starting to work on something creative.

The problem is well known, that's why it has a name. But do people here have this problem? If so, how do you deal with it? It's not too awful, I can produce stuff, so it's not like I'm desperately trying to fight against it. But I could do more, and I know that it would do me good (certainly better, than relaxing by watching Let's Plays for way too long). So, any experiences / ways to deal with it?


Summon for hire
The problem is well known, that's why it has a name.

It also has another name, “executive dysfunction”, which is basically just a medical term for “having problems getting started on tasks” but is also a suuuper common element of being somewhere on the ADD spectrum among other things. So if it’s something that becomes a big problem getting checked for that sort of thing is a possible course of action and there’s various meds that might help. That said, I definitely suffer from it and *haven’t* ever actually gotten a diagnosis or treatment because it’s usually not so bad that i can’t deal. But still it’s sometimes nice to have a name for things.