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Casual online games


Thanks to the ongoing plague, it can be pretty difficult to find ways to socialize with friends and coworkers. For example, we have a small monthly budget for team events at work, but we haven't used any of that in more than a year because, well, we're all sitting at home. The same goes with friends - you can maybe (depending on where you are) meet them outside if you maintain a safe distance, but...

Anyway! I assume there's a world of online games that I could be playing with people. The difficult part is: these games should be fairly easy to pick up, even for people who are not video games literate (is there a better word for this?) and who don't have a lot of time to spend regularly. And yeah, while I think console games are great, there should probably at the very least be cross-play available. I hear Among Us is pretty fun and could fit the bill, but what else is out there?


the titular game boy
Among Us definitely fits that bill.

I would also recommend the Jackbox party games. Only one person needs to own the game, and something like 6 to 8 people can all play online thru like a zoom call or whatever. Super casual fun.


Infamous third lava dolphin
Gonna second the Jackbox series, they're great. The recent party pack (7) has a bunch of cool games, and you can never go wrong with Drawful or its sequel.

Last night I tried Nerts! Online, a free multiplayer solitaire game from Zachtronics. It seemed really fun, and it's pretty easy to learn since it's, you know, solitaire.


can stop, will stop
Thirding the Jackbox stuff, but it's worth noting that whoever is streaming the game to everyone else needs to have a way to share the game audio as well. I don't believe Zoom can do that on its own.


Let the Mystery Be
  • https://www.horsepaste.com/
    • Codenames: The card-based spy game. It actually works better online than with cards, IMHO.​
  • https://allbad.cards/
    • Cards Against Humanity. Some card packs are better than others.​
  • https://drawception.com/
    • This is "telestrations", where people take turns drawing a picture and describing it, so you end up with a ridiculous sequence.
  • https://fishbowl-game.com/
    • This is "Identity Crisis" aka variant "Names in a Hat", where you do it as Taboo, then Charades, then Password with the same set of names each time.
  • https://kirk.is/joking/
    • Joking Hazard (Cards Against Humanity as comic strips) is fully online.
  • https://colonist.io/
    • Online Settlers of Catan. Limited to 4 players.
Jackbox is indeed great. Note that it works better with Zoom than with Meet, because Meet won't let you share the sound from a program and Zoom will. (There's a ticky-box when you screen-share, @lincolnic )


can stop, will stop
(There's a ticky-box when you screen-share, @lincolnic )
Huh, so there is! In looking it up I see that you can't share audio when multiple people are sharing screens at once, which is something I do at work a lot. That's why I assumed it couldn't be done at all.


A most radical pontiff
The children at this park I’m at are playing live action among us and it seems like a hoot, if a bit logistically unsound.