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Butt Electronic? (Or the help me describe this subgenre thread)


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
You all have heard this right? Like a butt-rock station branches out into other genres to remain relevant. It starts playing things that still feel like butt rock aesthetically, but it's got electronic beats and samples as opposed to live instrumentation. The artists also have the same penchant for black or distressed clothes, chains, and tatoos as their butt rock counterparts retracting this until I can actually remember the name of one of these groups and can confirm my memory of how they dressed. I know some bristle at the term butt-rock, but I can't think of how else to describe it other than butt-electronic.

Does this have a name?
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(Hi Guy)
Toss us a couple of examples to see if that helps any?


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
That I'd have to research. When I was at a dev conference in Kansas City a few years ago it was pretty much that and Weezer's Africa cover that the local Butt Rock station was playing, and I think I recall hearing some of it when driving from New York to Philly and back around that same year. Recently we got a new family car and with it the customary 90 days of satellite radio, and I heard some of it again on the Alt rock station, but didn't catch the name of the band. Whatever it is it may have already its moment in the sun and past. Like nu-metal's unfortunate daliance with dubstep over a decade ago.

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Sorry I'm not really answering here, I'm just having fun with "butt"


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
I like Post-Butt, as it can broadly encompass Butt-Rock, Butt-Electronic, and everything in between.

Buttstep should be the aforementioned Nu-Metal/Dubstep fusion.


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad

Apparently I was hearing electronic influenced permutations of 3rd-wave Butt Rock. I didn't realize Butt Rock even had waves!