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"But if I must meet mine end, then all shall burn upon my pyre!" - Let's Play Heavensward: Final Fantasy XIV!


The Goofiest Hrothgar

She says the the Camp Cloudtop garrison spotted the Soleil heading through the northern reaches of the Sea of Clouds. The trouble is the northern end of the Sea of Clouds is firmly controlled by the Vanu Vanu. They're gonna need not only an airship, but a pilot crazy enough to risk the Vanu Vanu's wrath.

My thoughts exactly.

Satznswys finds him hard at work. Alphinaud goes quiet and presumes that Cid hasn't heard about Haurchefant.

Cid hasn't the foggiest, but presumes it can't mean anything good. Based on what Thordan told Satznswys, it's likely that Thordan means to use the Ascian assistance to gain whatever power is there, and then usurp Lahabrea.

Just like old times, Cid.

He says he'll catch up with Satznswys at the airship landing.

Apparently, he was seeing if there was any word on finding the other Scions. Urianger and Riol are on the case, though.

"To the northern reaches of the Sea of Clouds, where countless isles yet remain uncharted...

In search of a mysterious land known as Azys Lla, and the unmasked villain who sought to claim its secret...

Oblivious to the new threat which followed in their wake, they came...

~ From the memoirs of Count Edmont de Fortemps, Heavensward


The Goofiest Hrothgar

I inched the story a little further here because it's enough XP to push Satznswys to level 58, and so I'll wrap things up with the next Dark Knight quest.

This waymarker will let you travel back to Ishgard, and if you want to return to this location, you can speak with L'khonebb here to return.

Returning to the Forgotten Knight, Sidurgu has news, in the form of a small history lesson: For generations, the sons and daughters of House Caulignont have pledged themselves to the church. Countess Ystride de Caulignont was poised to rise to significant prominence in the clergy. She and her husband had a child, Rielle, and things were looking up for the house. But years later, the inquisitors came, bearing an accusation against Ystride's husband for heresy. When she confronted him with the allegations, his response was to quaff a vial of dragon's blood, and transformed. He said this plan was decades in the making. The Temple Knights cut him down. Afterward, she locked her daughter away in the deepest cell she could find.

Sidurgu says he has a plan: the dragon mentioned tiny beings at the mention of their dark arts. He thinks that these tiny beings might know how to harness the abyss and find the power to stand against Ystride. He hasn't a clue as to what these tiny beings might be. Satznswys has an inkling, though, and heads off to the Churning Mists.

Moggie here isn't too sure about darkness and whatnot, but thinks that the dragon might've sent them here for a reason. Moggie asks Satznswys to bring Sidurgu and Rielle here.

Rielle is quiet, and Sidurgu prods her.

She angrily says that Sid bids her talk, and then refuses to listen. That he says he's doing this for her, but then goes on about the darkness this, and abyss that.

Yeah, the hypocrisy does seem pretty heavy with Sid's attitude.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

She continues to call him on his BS.

Moggie chimes in, mentioning the ancient legend about a moogle named Mog. They had a penchant for dancing.

...honestly, at this point, Satznswys is willing to try anything.

Moggie sends them out to locate sprigs of an herb called pomwort.

Off we go, then.

Done and dusted.


Fighty time!


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Ooh, even more fighty time.

"My thoughts exactly, Sid..."

Aw, beans.

The game plays the instrumental version of the Good King Moggle Mog trial battle.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Just a couple waves of moogle fighters, with a couple tests of your ability to use stuns and interrupts to keep their big damage attacks from coming out.



The Goofiest Hrothgar

The Conjurer moogle confronts Sidurgu, asking him why he wants Rielle back. When he answers, the moogle retorts that he seems like he doesn't want her around, and treats her like a burden. Why should he care what happens to Rielle?

...cheesy, yes, but as Moggie says, subtlety is wasted on a guy like Sid.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

He confesses his selfishness, finally. He says that he'll do battle in the upcoming trial by combat, but will leave what happens next in her hands.

Yeah, seemed like this was a lesson that needed to be taught. Without light, there cannot be darkness.

Believe what you want. At the very least, you and Rielle understand each other a little better. The three return to the Forgotten Knight.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

No ability this time around.

That brings us to the end of this update! Next time, Satznswys heads off to the Sea of Clouds to discover what exactly Azys Lla is, and why Archbishop Thordan is heading there.


Time for an updated vote tally for Satznswys's job for the Heavensward patch content!

1 - 6.5 votes - Summoner
2 - 3 votes - Ninja
3 - 2 votes - Dragoon
4 - 1 vote - Astrologian
4 - 1 vote - Black Mage
6 - .5 vote - Scholar