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Johnny Unusual

Sure, there's a thread for me and JBear eating things, but then I wouldn't get to start a burger thread.

After half a year in hibernation, our hometown's "Burger Battle" has reignited, and the collateral damage is our colons.

Our first strike zone was one that we could get delivered: arguably the best restaurant in town, a lovely little Jamaican (and other spicy foods) place hosted by a former DJ I used to glare at in the University's Student Union Building (I regret that. Despite being a young person, I just wanted the show to end earlier so I could go home, watch Russ Meyer movies and get some sleep). There were two choices and each one had a vegan option. JBear's was a naanwich deal and mine was a jerk burger. It was good and almost perfectly spiced to my taste (makes me sweat a little, but not overpowering). The flavors and toppings were simple but delicious (some burgers try to do too much, which is an instinct I understand). My one complaint: the juices made the bun a big soggy and therefore a messy eat. Still, recommended.

That said, I'm not sure why they made the profile picture make it look like a yummy burger that was spat upon.


Johnny Unusual

Burger Battle continues...

The Weekender from Monk & Jonesie's. I ordered it on a cheat day without JBear and its a breakfast themed burger with egg, whiskey maple bacon, tater tots, and peanut butter. It was a very decent burger. The weakest part was the tater tots. They weren't bad but even the texture they added wasn't that much for me. It was all about that bacon. Yum yum. Like the last burger it was a bit messy but this was more unweildy than soggy.

Ranking so far:
Jamaican Jerk Burger

Close race so far. The jerk burger had a more unique flavor but the Weekender, while having a more traditional specialty burger taste, was just a great burger.


I thought this was going to be about the videogame... =( Also, the images are broke?

Johnny Unusual

OK, I am behind but I tried a bunch of good burgers.

Burgers I tried

Lord of the Ring Burger from Stuft. Delicious but frustratingly like many of the burgers this year, nothing to gush about. Also, not served on a bed of onion rings. But goat cheese, bacon jam and balsamic reduction is good burger stuff.

Saucy Farm Burger from The Pickle Jar. Bacon wrapped beef and pork. Yum. Though everything was sort of mid-tier, this was on the stronger end of that. Plus, it wasn't too sloppy, which is often a big concern. But unfortunately, bad service that evening. The waiter was new and I think something happened in the kitchen that held us up.

Luna-C burger from the Regency. Decent but the flavours were all really mild and nothing popped for me. Also the waitress missed the pun in the name and called it the lunac burger. Not a complaint but it amused me.

The Triple Stack from Cannon's Cross Pub. Cannon's Cross is pub fare so I wasn't too surprised this didn't get any higher than "OK" from me. It did taste good but the problem is it has a mac and cheese croquet and while that sounds great it added little texture or flavor, so it was almost pointless. Literally could not taste it. Probably would have been better as a side.

Brewbaker's Chicken Burger from Brewbaker's. A really good chutney and aoli put this one is a higher tier of the mid-tier. Also, we had a conversation with the waiter and convinced him that he was right when discussing with his staff to take chances on non-beef meats.

I can't find a picture but Caribbean Flavas also had a yummy second burger that's sort of like a naanwich with a side of nachos and cheetos. Better than it sounds and I think that might have been the best one.