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Billy Mitchell and Twin Galaxies are the Idiot Gifts that Keep on Giving


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad

This popped up in my feed today. Apparent photographic evidence Mitchell's Donkey Kong cabinet has been modded, throwing even his King of Kong era scores into question.


Lapsed Threadcromancer
Keeping track of all the lawsuits, counter-lawsuits, lies, slander, and general chaos would take a full time job I feel.


Is a joystick replacement actually banned, though? It seems weird to me that repairing hardware would count as modding, given the age of these machines. I mean, if that's what Twin Galaxies's policy is, fair enough, but I can't find if the video cites any actual rules about what joysticks are and are not allowed. It just says using a non-original stick and an 8-way stick are both "definitely banned" and that the replacement stick "looks like" an 8-way stick. Speedrunning communities get really into the weeds over this sort of thing, so what's needed is a citation from Twin Galaxies.

...aaand the Twin Galaxies website is down, so I can't actually check if they have rules somewhere :cry:

This feels like gilding the lily with how damning the MAME evidence already is.