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Big Top Burger might be the Best Thing on Youtube RN


elementary my dear baxter
I just stumbled across this really but it has my entire heart immediately.

Here is a playlist with all the episodes in order.

You can alternatively watch Season 1 as a single eleven minute long video but it does come at the cost of not hearing the absolute banger of an opening/closing theme as often, but its got extra bits.

I would warn you that watching the Season 2 episodes at this moment may leave you with something of a cliffhanger situation to deal with for what could be a decent stretch of time. But holy crap this incredibly short, tight series has so much fun and worldbuilding going on in it. It's ridiculously wacky while also super fucken wholesome and cute. And animated and voiced to just... an almost scary level of perfection. I'm genuinely in awe.
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lofi posts to relax/study to
Ha, I thought those voices sounded familiar, and yes, it is Tim and Guy from The Worst Idea of All Time podcast.


Also from a technical standpoint he's light years ahead of the curve in using 3D animation to make stuff that doesn't look like 3D animation at all



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Not a day goes by that I don't think about a line from Free Apple: