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Best RPG Music Forever Thunderdome: Stay A While And Listen!

RPGs are great, and a big part of what makes them so great is their stirring scores! 14 tyrants have nominated 93 songs from RPGs made in Japan, the US, Europe, and other places, I'm sure. Vote for the tracks what you like best! And yes, I'm aware there are a few games in here that could be considered borderline, but if you don't feel they belong here then simply don't vote for the track. We're here to enjoy game music, not start another argument about what is a RPG. That said, let's mosey!

Beginning Round 1 is A Verdant Wind Blows from Octopath Traveler II, nominated by @Bongo versus Waterfall (live version) from Koudelka, nominated by @Purple.


Match two features Beneath the Mask (Rain) from Persona 5, nominated by @Behemoth versus Gormott from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, nominated by Yours Truly.

Voting closes at 3:30 PM PST tomorrow.
Octopath Chronicles

I never thought they could top Gaur Plain and then I stepped out into the fields of Gormott. It's an incredible, epic composition to begin with, and then at 3:40 it goes so freaking hard.


People who used to work at Square, but don't anymore!

Which is an ambiguous way of putting that so uh...

Gormott Waterfall

A Verdant Wind Blows and Gormott move on. Bracket

Match one today features a doozy of a contest. Dovakiin/Sons of Skyrim from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, nominated by @Violentvixen versus Searching for Friends from Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster, nominated by @Bongo .


Lots of Final Fantasy today, as match two sees Dancing Calcobrina from Final Fantasy IV, nominated by @Johnny Unusual versus Battle Theme 1 from Final Fantasy Mytic Quest, nominated by @Falselogic .

Voting closes at 3:30 PM PST tomorrow.
Searching for Friends and Battle 1 move on.

Match one features a scrappy underdog against one of the heavyweights of game music. Wish from Mime, nominated by @Peklo versus Dancing Mad from Final Fantasy VI, nominated by @Behemoth .


Match two features the Distant Worlds orchestral version of the Main Theme from Final Fantasy VII, nominated by @Paul le Fou versus Fodland Winds from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, nominated by @WildcatJF .

Voting closes at 3:30 PM PST tomorrow.