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Arting and crafting


Fearful asymmetry
Say you wanted to make a custom case for a project, something that requires precise measurements. (Specifically, a miniature arcade cabinet into which a smartphone and a tiny joystick can be inserted.) What's your best option for such a project? I've been looking around online and noticed that Amazon sells sheets of basswood/balsa, about 2mm thick. Supposedly it can be cut with a craft knife, but I worry that such material may not be sturdy enough for my needs. Are there other options available, like plastic or metal? Would wood glue be enough to hold the balsa together, or should screws be used instead?


This is ABSOLUTELY not my field of expertise, but if I'm picturing this right is basically going to just be an enclosed stand you slide a phone into and... some little controller plugged into the USB port and sitting all snug under the screen? Pretty sure balsa and wood glue should be fine there, but you might need it a bit thicker (possibly stacking/glueing a couple layers, or using some scraps for extra internal braces. Not holding a ton of weight, not having a lot of pressure put on it, right?


Fearful asymmetry
Yes yes! That's exactly what I had in mind! Thanks for the response, by the way. The braces are a pretty good idea. There won't be excessive pressure put on it since everything is tiny, but every little bit of stability helps...
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