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Analogue Duo: An Ysy Choice


chat.exe a cessé de fonctionner
Staff member
Unlike their other systems, the Analogue Duo is waaaaaay cheaper than the original hardware too. They’re impossible to find even in Japan!


I'd be very interested if I thought that getting one of these wasn't going to be a huge pain in the ass considering analogue's history with actual production numbers.


chat.exe a cessé de fonctionner
Staff member
I’ll get my friend to write a godsdamned bot to get one of these, if I have to.
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Ell eye ell why, ee ee ell why
Contemptuous dipshit voice but you can just get a raspberry pi and simmer in your own filth


I cuss you bad
Out of curiosity, how accurate is the PC Engine/Duo core for the MiSTer?

Originally, I think the answer was "not very" but it got some serious attention this year and I believe it's now very accurate. Runs everything.

I'd really, really like one of these, but I have no PC Engine library so I'll have to pass. Being a PAL region gamer makes these decisions easier than I'd like 😕