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Albatoss's Makeshift Jukebox


Dreaming of better days
(She/her, they/them)
Hello, new Talking Time! I'm Albatoss and I make music sometimes! Here is a sampling of the things I have written in the past year or so:

Fields of Wind - A drone piece made (almost) entirely with the Mellotron flute.

Shrine of the Sea God - The very first song I uploaded to my Soundcloud account. It's a chiptune! I want to start writing more of those but I haven't found the time to do it yet.

Castlevania Chronicles - Etude for the Killer - One of two string quartet arrangements of Castlevania tunes I've made. I do intend to make more at some point, but the MuseScore midi doesn't sound very good which is slightly discouraging.

Stratus - The first piece of ambient music I ever wrote, made about a year-and-a-half ago during a rough period in my life. I discovered while making this track that I really enjoy writing music like this, so I've been doing that off-and-on ever since.

Arpeggiated Patterns for 3 MIDI Pianos - Pretty much exactly what the title implies. Kinda made this just to have something relatively recent on my account after a few months of inactivity, but you might enjoy it!

Final Fantasy IX - The Place I'll Return to Someday - The title screen theme from FFIX arranged for Mellotron trio.

Mellotriptych - A group of three related pieces that all use the same group of notes in different ways.

As you could probably guess from the above, I love the Mellotron a whole lot and use it in almost everything I write. I don't actually own a real instrument (which is a.) no longer manufactured and b.) rare/hard to find and expensive), or the digital recreation (which is, again, prohibitively expensive); instead I use a plugin pack for Ableton Live called Microtron, which attempts to recreate the sound of the original M400 model as accurately as possible (up to and including the eight-second limit for playing a given note).

If any of the above interests you and you want to hear more, you can find everything else I've put up on Soundcloud either on a track-by-track basis or in these convenient playlists. I hope you enjoy my tunes, and thanks for listening!


Little Waves
Staff member
Just want to say I listened to all those links and found them to be very good. Love the moody stuff, and it's nice to hear an arrangement of a more overlooked Castlevania track.


Dreaming of better days
(She/her, they/them)
Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed them!

I'm trying to work on more stuff, but 2020 in general has been sapping my energy to make things so it's been slow going. I have a big project in the works that has been especially suffering, but hopefully I'll make some more progress on it soon.


Dreaming of better days
(She/her, they/them)
Cross-posting from the Creative Works thread:

I decided that this prompt was a good excuse to open up MuseScore again and arrange some game music. Specifically, I took the overworld theme from For the Frog the Bell Tolls and turned it into a piano trio:

https://soundcloud.com/albatoss%2Ffor-the-frog-the-bell-tolls-the-princes-adventure-piano-trio-arrangement (backup link in case the embed doesn't work)

Considering that I haven't used MuseScore in the better part of a year, I'm pretty okay with how this turned out.

And I guess working on this energized me a little, because I ended up dusting off an old arrangement I hadn't worked on in a while and finished it today:

https://soundcloud.com/albatoss%2Fcastlevania-iii-draculas-curse-overture-piano-trio-arrangement (link in case the embed doesn't work)

This one's a Castlevania track instead. "Overture" has always been one of my favorite tunes in the series, and it bums me out a little that it was only used in two games, so I made this. Hope you enjoy!


Dreaming of better days
(She/her, they/them)
Bringing back my thread to tell folks about a couple of new things I'm doing, one of them music-related and one not.

First, I just started a thread where I go through and listen to every single album that Roger Dean has painted the cover art for, which it turns out is a lot. I'm still in the very early stages of the project, so there's a lot more music ahead of me. If you want to join in the discussion (or more accurately, actually start some discussion, because as of the time of this post there isn't any), feel free to do so!

I've also started streaming! My current schedule is to stream for a few hours every Friday at 7 p.m. CST over on my Twitch channel. For the past few weeks I've been playing through Legend of Legaia, sharing what I know about the game and beating up lots of monsters. If that sounds like a fun time to you, then come hang out! And if you miss a stream, I'm uploading an archive of past broadcasts over on my youtube channel.

As for actually writing music, uh, truth is I haven't had the energy to write anything in a while. I thought I would be able to handle being in lockdown for so long a little better, being introverted by nature, but it's getting to me. I'm trying to push past it because I have a lot of ideas for songs that I want to work on, but it's hard sometimes.