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Fearful asymmetry

I thought it was weird that ABBA released an album forty years after they faded from pop culture consciousness. What's stranger still is that one song on the album, Don't Shut Me Down, is nearly as good as the music they performed in their late 1970s peak. The singer isn't as energetic as she used to be, but the song is nevertheless brilliant, plucking heartstrings and shaking booties just as effectively as the dozen classics from ABBA Gold. It's just a shame there are no longer any rollerskating rinks nearby to play this over their loudspeakers...


does the Underpants Dance
I was so happy to hear a new ABBA album, and even happier to see that it barely sounds much different than their peak material. It's just all delightful stuff.


Fearful asymmetry
It really is stunning how much of that original spirit they've managed to retain, isn't it? The world has changed a lot in forty years, and the members of the band are now in their seventies. Despite this, Voyage feels remarkably authentic; more so than other revivals like the last two albums by Kansas. It's like they were encased in amber for nearly a half century.


Power is fleeting, love is eternal
If nothing else, I'm delighted that for some reason they decided to create digital avatars (or "Abbatars") clearly inspired by TRON Legacy.



Wow, sounds like music from a different time, like from a more optimistic, hopeful era. Which it probably, kind of, is. I'm glad, that ABBA hasn't changed, and that they are still great.