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A thread for celebrating the destruction of music


can stop, will stop
This isn't exactly the right thread for it, but I don't know where else to put The History of Giant Steps Any% Speedrun.

it's a little off from the theme, but when it comes to perverting the songs you know and love to a point it becomes nauseating i don't think we should go so far without at least nodding to the king
though i guess something like this fits the theme a little more.


Geno Cidecity
I don't know if this is the destruction or the fulfillment of music -- after all, what was giant steps but the next step in jazz harmony to take after the ii-V-I pattern; both Giant Steps and the ii-V-I are based on traversal through the circle of fifths, after all, with the descent by fifths being something of a cliche in baroque music itself, the most basic building block of Western functional harmony taken to its logical conclusion. Despite its unusual form, Giant Steps itself is still based on relationships between values in the circle of fifths, instead structured in a way that creates an ambiguous rather than clear tonic.

Then again I'm sure even today that Schoenberg has his detractors as well.