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A Concept Proposal: Monthly Art/Creative Works Prompts

Pajaro Pete

I think it'd be a cute moment to have monthly art/creative works prompts. We actually did this like a decade ago, but they were weekly or bi-weekly and honestly that strikes me as A Lot to keep up with since we're all a decade older. But anyway, it seems like it'd be a neat way to get some creative juices (and Content!) flowing.

My personal vision for this would be very broad, hippie-dippie "it's a prompt not a competition, there are no wrong answers, approach it any way you like" style where folks can take the prompt as literally or conceptually as they want. What my personal vision is not: Really long, time intensive daily-ish challenges that last the whole month like Inktober or NaNoWriMo. This is a super chill, pressure free zone.

I also realize that "Art/Creative Works" does not roll of the tongue but I want it to be super clear that it's open to all forms of creative work, whether it be drawings or sprite work or knitting or writing or music or painting or carpentry or animal crossing screenshots or character models or outfits or whatever.

So anyways it's like, would y'all be interested in this, both from a "I would like to produce creative works" standpoint and a "I'm happy to suggest prompts because lord knows Pajaro Pete does not have the range" standpoint?


the member formerly known as Alpha Werewolf
A friend did this a couple months back and I made a cover in response, it was super fun and made the process of choosing what and how to sing a lot easier. So yeah I'm all for it!


Risen Again
I would be up for taking part in this. Down for taking part in this? Updown for taking part in this.