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trouble in river city

  1. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low YULETIDE EXTRAVAGANZA: National Lampoons Crisis Vacation

    Well, the days are getting colder, the nights are getting longer, and Santa is finally confident enough that he won't be threatened by evil Robot Masters that he can make trip of breaking into strangers houses; and that means it's time for the final Digital Down-Low thread of 2022, since New...
  2. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 02/19/2022: True Love Means Never Having to Say "I Don't Remember You"

    Look, some of these games, and indeed the thread title, would have been better served if I made this thread either on or before Valentines day, but I can't be held accountable that the calender is wrong. That's on Hallmark, not me. Kicking things off with sneaky stuff what existed last week...
  3. Octopus Prime

    Oh My Car! A Thread for Beat-em-Ups

    Oh hello! Didn’t see you come in! I don’t think any genre of video game is quite as quintessentially Video Game as the humble beat-em-up. One of the hardest genres to do well, and one of the easiest to do poorly, there’s still nothing in the medium quite as immediately accessible or understood...