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the power of the blaster move me faster

  1. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 07/31/2021: SOPHIAS Last Charge

    Not to brag, but, uh yeah. I know all the times tables. There are SO GD many games this week you guys, dang. This isn't even all of them. But we're starting with The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles! The latest entry in the Ace Attorney series! Or maybe I should say the OLDEST one because this one...
  2. Torzelbaum

    The WannaDriveFastDome - Light 'em up just for fun

    Hello fans and friends of fast. I am your host, Torzelbaum. Let me welcome you to beautiful Talking Time International Speedway which has temporarily been re-christened as The Thunderdome while it is home to the ... WannaDriveFastDome! We have a thrilling series of head to head races for your...