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horror game

  1. chud_666

    Silent Chillin'

    Oh hi there I've been replaying various Silent Hills with the ultimate goal of playing, finally, Silent Hill Downpour, which i've stopped and started over the years. It's backwards compatible with Ye olde xb1... so eventually? FIRST I replayed SH2. I played BC xb1 on the 360 version of the...
  2. ShakeWell

    The VIllage People: Talking About Resident Evil 8

    Some new stuff talked about RE: RE8 today. They teased a possible PS4/Xbone release? They talked about how they want to let the player figure out stuff and not be super prescriptive with solutions to different situations, which, like, I don't expect an immersive sim from RE, but if it tilts...
  3. Alex

    Scary games! Talk about your favorite spook-em-ups!

    Horror games for me tend to fall into two categories: atmospheric spook-em-ups and more action-y games that embrace the carnage inherent to the horror genre. I love a good zombie killin' as much as anyone, but nothing really gets my heart racing as much as games in the former category. Here are...
  4. chud_666

    Threadsident Readvil: Conversations (A thread for general discussion of Resi) RESURRECTION

    Hey all Been meaning to do a wrap up of my covid series replay. Here are my cool ass blurbs so far: RE: Zero: 5/10 This is perfectly playable, pretty, and some fun to be had. After the near renaissance of REMake though, this is a slog. It's no wonder they dump entire style for next game...