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giant robots

  1. Fyonn

    Hardcore Mecha, or Super Smash Robot Wars

    I've been thinking about Hardcore Mecha again, now that it has the mission mode where you can unlock and upgrade tons of mechs by taking PVE jobs, and lo and behold, looks like they got their first crossover with a proper mecha anime, Gurren Lagann. For those of you who aren't familiar yet...
  2. Mightyblue

    Char-clone #50: A Gundam thread

    Hey, it's a Gundam thread~ Last episode of Build Divers Re:rise is out this Thursday for free on the Youtubes, and it's a very solid series that gets across a lot of the themes of loss and redemption buried in most Gundam works, but in a lighter and more kid (and merchandising) friendly way. It...