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game art

  1. Torzelbaum

    Video game cover art (and more) : Who covers the covers?

    So the old TT 2.0 Valdez Museum exhibit might be going into the storeroom soon but there is still more cover art for us to apprectiate. So let's share it here. (By the way - arcade flyers, print ads and cabinet art are also welcome here.) But before we begin a few simple rules I think everyone...
  2. Dracula

    MORE Pictures of Television Games in Meatspace

    I'm BRINGING IT BACK Y'ALL As it was, this thread is for the appreciation of video games in their physical forms. Packaging, cartridges, manuals, and the like. Always feel free to post your own too. Let's kick it off with a personal fave. GRADIUS (Konami, Famicom, 1986) Gradius has...