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  1. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 03/10/2023: You've got Metroid in my Castlevania! You've got Castlevania in my Metroid!

    A week with a Castlevania and a Metroid in it feels like the President and Vice President flying in the same airplane... Living in space, where nobody can hear you scream this week is the next update for the NSO Gameboy Advance Line-up, and it's a game I was honestly kind of surprised wasn't on...
  2. Aurelia

    symphony of the night game.com is real (prototype video)

    This is 100% a game.com game but wow, this is surprisingly impressive when compared to say, Sonic Jam on game.com. I always assumed those promotional screenshots were mockups but nope, the game exists and definitely looks impressive for the system. Shame about the gameplay and performance though.
  3. R.R. Bigman

    Whipping A Dead Mr. Hed: The Castlevania Thread Of Sacred Remains

    Despite the series still being rather moribund, Castlevania still deserves a thread for discussing old games and foolishly hoping for new ones. I have decided that I need to give Simon's Quest another go. There is no part of this game that appeals to me, but it's Castlevania, and I feel I must...
  4. Dracula

    It's October, so let's whip Dracula! CASTLEWEEN 2020

    Hi, I'm Dracula. I'm a known spreader of disease, decay, and destruction. This Halloween, I'd like to invite you to enter my house freely and of your own will in order to destroy me and protect 2020 from Dracula-related shenanigans. ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE!? In the spirit of @Octopus...
  5. Octopus Prime

    Bloodstained: The Dracula-Style Monster Castle Game

    Well, only a matter of time before this thread was made, and I like that thread title, so I wanted in on the ground floor! Anyway, Ritual of the Night got its Colour/Revenge update for Switch recently, and while I haven't touched that yet (outside of giving Miriam a spiffy new hair-dye...
  6. Kishi

    The Nintendo Gigaleak of July 24, 2020

    I was asked to repost this thread, so here it is. New findings from this leak are still being posted regularly, but here's the story so far: