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  1. Johnny Unusual

    America's Favorite Non-prehistoric Cartoon Family - The Simpsons Thread

    Starting with me continuing me watching the entire series and talking about it. Homer Alone Looking after kids is tough. Duh. But knowing something via osmosis and observation is a bit different. Being a nanny to my niece and nephew, I'm surprised how many times as "the cool uncle"...
  2. Johnny Unusual

    Iaboo, Youaboo, Weallaboo for Anime!

    There, I made the dumbest anime thread title. I feel proud. A weird mix of shows getting delayed actually turned this into a pretty tight season. Millionaire Detective - Balance: Unlimited is definitely the show I wanted it to be so far. The characters and stories are fun and while they keep...
  3. Tegan

    All Aboard the Infinity Train!

    The second half of season 3 is up! I haven't finished it yet, but I cried at .